Recent industry hires

  • Acrolinx, a provider of strategy-aligned content creation, has hired Volker Smid as chief executive officer (CEO). Smid was most recently CEO of Searchmetrics.

Acrolinx GmbH

  • Language services provider One Global Solutions has hired Paul Williams as business development director.

One Global Solutions


Transfluent acquires Navitep and Translatum

Transfluent, a developer and provider of digital translation services, has acquired the business activities of Navitep Oy, a developer of translation automation software, and Translatum Oy, an international communications company.

Navitep Oy
Translatum Oy

Summa Linguae sells majority stake

Summa Linguae, a language and technology services provider, has sold its majority stake to V4C investment fund and carried out two acquisitions in North America: Globalme, a Canadian company focused on new technologies and big data, and GlobalVision, a provider of localization services for the life science sector.

Keywords Studios acquires KantanMT, ICHI, Syllabes

Keywords Studios, a technical service provider to the global video game industry, has acquired KantanMT, a machine translation technology company. The company has also acquired ICHI, a provider of marketing services to video game publishers and the sports and entertainment sectors, and Syllabes, a provider of audio recording and casting services for the video games industry.

TransPerfect acquires Chulengo

TransPerfect, a provider of global business services, has acquired Chulengo, a provider of dubbing, voiceover, post-production and other audiovisual services. Chulengo will become a division of the TransPerfect family of companies and will continue to be led by Founder Javier Gore.


Allcorrect releases game localization guide

Allcorrect Group, a provider of language services and video game localization, has released The World: Your Oyster. A guide to preparing your game for international distribution. The guide covers how to choose PC, console and mobile gaming localization markets; why paying special attention to fonts is crucial; the costs of obtaining an age rating for games in Japan, Korea and New Zealand; and various cultural mistakes and taboos.

Allcorrect Group

Products and Services

Global Revenue Forecaster

CSA Research, an independent market research firm specializing in the language service industry, has released the Global Revenue Forecaster designed to provide predictive business analytics tailored to a company’s business and vertical for the revenues to expect from different languages.

Lingoport Suite updates

Lingoport, Inc., a provider of software internationalization tools and services, has released updates to its suite of software that include connectivity to additional translation management systems and a redesigned dashboard.

Lingoport, Inc.

KantanSkynet Manager Console

KantanMT, a subscription-based machine translation service, has launched KantanSkynet Manager Console, a post-editing platform that uses AI to determine the quality of translated texts and will automatically route low-quality texts to professional translators for improvements.

TBX Exporter For Excel

Translation software company Pairaphrase has developed a Microsoft Excel add-in called TBX Exporter, for the conversion of .xls, .csv or .xslx files to a TermBase eXchange (.tbx) file.

Clients and Partners

Lionbridge awarded CIPO contract

Lionbridge, a provider of localization services, has been awarded The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) contract to provide translation services for administrative documents and patent-related items.

World Translation integrates Xillio LocHub

Xillio, a content migration and content integration company, has announced that World Translation, a Danish language services provider, will integrate LocHub into its translation process.

World Translation A/S