Jennifer Vela Valido

Localization quality program manager at Spotify

Being included among these 30 women in the language and localization industry is an incredible honor and a heart-warming recognition of the hard work I have put into my career since I started as a freelance video games translator back in 2005. From that moment onward, I have been fortunate enough to take on various roles in the field of quality and vendor management and to pursue my passion for mixing industry expertise with academic research. This path also led me to earn a Ph.D in 2022 with a thesis on methodologies applied to translation quality management and evaluation in professional environments, which received cum laude honors.


Jen is a calm but extremely powerful force. I have the honor to work with her every day now, and I could not be more in awe. She is extremely knowledgeable, yet very humble.

I don’t know anyone who has worked harder than her. She truly deserves acknowledging.

I think it stands out for its great work, since it delves deeply into what is most important.

Jennifer Vela Valido is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable localization professionals I have ever met. In the last couple of years her name has been associated with innovation and research in multiple areas such as resourcing, vendor management, and now quality management, for which she has recently received a Ph.D.

I think Jennifer is one of the most relevant, enlightening, and inspiring women in localization today.

Now, as a localization program quality manager for Spotify, I get to live and share my passion every day by making sure our localization quality strategy follows state-of-the-art practices and working with our partners to build close relationships, break outdated paradigms, and drive innovation initiatives.

Sharing my knowledge and experiences with others is also something I am passionate about, and I believe that by coming together and sharing our successes, challenges, and even failures, we can all grow and make a more significant impact in the industry. That’s why I love volunteering with organizations like Women in Localization and GALA, and standardization entities such as ISO and ASTM. Being surrounded by incredibly generous mentors, colleagues, managers, and, in particular, inspiring women has been a game-changer for me. Some of them are well-known powerhouses that have opened the path for other women behind them, such as Michele Carlson, Kate Edwards, Carrie Livermore Fischer, Nataly Kelly, Anna Schlegel, María Jesús de Arriba Díaz, Inger Larssen, Jessica Rathke and Katerina Gasova. And many other new stars are now following in their steps, pushing our industry forward and making sure we can see further, allowing us to stand on their strong yet nurturing shoulders: Giada Geroto, Hilary Atkinson Hormanha, Belen Agulló García, Lucía Guerrero Romeo — I see you.

Being part of this special magazine issue, surrounded by numerous amazing women, is a career highlight for me. But I see this as just the beginning, as there are so many exciting opportunities to make a positive difference in our industry and the lives of those around us. I am eager to pursue them, one step at a time, and see where they take me.

Jennifer has been a strong influencer in our localization industry. She has worked in companies such as Spotify, Expedia and many more. Jennifer has held several leading roles at Women in localization — from UK Chapter manager to EMEA GEO manager. She has presented at numerous localization events and has always held her audience captivated no matter the topic. Jennifer has also served as a guest lecturer in various universities. She is a great communicator and a strong leading voice within our localization industry

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