Take Your Company Global
Nataly Kelly brings international expansion down to earth

Review By Renato Beninatto

I first crossed paths with Nataly Kelly when she was just making a name for herself with her debut book Telephone Interpreting. At the time, I was working at a market research firm exploring the interpretation services industry in the US. Curious to pick Nataly’s brain, I suggested we meet for lunch. She was initially hesitant, but I convinced her by promising we’d dine at the finest organic eatery in Massachusetts: the Life Alive Café.

Over kale salads and fresh lemonades, our conversation flowed from interpreting to the broader horizons of the language industry. Nataly’s insights into an area that was new to me were as nourishing as the plant-based fare. Though she started out guarded, by the meal’s end, we had established a meaningful connection. From that unlikely beginning, a lasting friendship was born.

In the years since, I’ve watched with admiration as Nataly has emerged as a leading voice on international strategy. She has generously shared her wisdom not only through one-on-one conversations but also via her Born To Be Global blog and books like Found In Translation.

Now, Nataly has distilled her decades of global business experience into her most comprehensive guidebook yet: Take Your Company Global. Within its pages, readers will discover a wealth of practical strategies and frameworks for growing a business by taking it worldwide.

The book’s three sections provide a roadmap for global readiness. The first, “Prepare for Global Growth,” sets the stage for expansion. Nataly explains why global visibility is the new reality, then offers approaches to align international goals with overall corporate strategy. She advises how to intensify local market presence and use localization to enable revenue.

Section two, “Determine Where to Focus,” introduces Nataly’s signature MARACA model for identifying international opportunities. By calculating market availability, analyzing real-time performance data, and evaluating customer addressability, companies can decide where and how much to invest across various geographies.

In the third section, “Go Global From Within,” Nataly goes beyond market selection to provide cultural transformation strategies. She shares insights on instilling a global mindset, giving international teams more significant influence, building global inclusion into organizational values, and hiring for international knowledge and skills.

While other books may stop there, Nataly brings each concept to life through case studies from beyond-border players like Airbnb, Canva, Dashlane, Facebook, GoStudent, LinkedIn, Netflix, Revolut, and Zoom. These fascinating stories from the global growth trenches provide inspiration and reinforce key business lessons.

As someone who has known Nataly since her early days as an author, I can attest she has long been devoted to democratizing international strategy. While most guides focus on large multinationals, Nataly believes taking a business worldwide should be within any leader’s reach. She spurns the notion companies must reach a certain scale before going global. In her view, global readiness starts on day one.

That passion for empowering any founder or executive to unlock global markets shines through. Take Your Company Global brims with infectious optimism. Step by step, it makes the daunting task of globalization feel readily achievable. Nataly’s warm encouragement and hard-won wisdom inspire readers to look past borders and see a world of possibility.

While authoritative, the book maintains Nataly’s trademark blend of humility and humor. She is quick to admit when popular globalization practices need rethinking. And she sees endless examples of creative ways companies adapt offerings to international audiences. Nataly celebrates these seeds of innovation sprouting around the world.

For any leader with global aspirations, Take Your Company Global is essential reading. It belongs on the shelf alongside classics like The World is Flat and Globalization: A Very Short Introduction. With her latest guidebook, Nataly has cemented her reputation as an astute global business strategist.

Take Your Company Global is available in print and e-book formats from Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on your global journey accompanied by Nataly’s expertise, empathy, and encouragement.

Renato Beninatto co-founded Nimdzi to provide insights to investors, analysts, buyers and suppliers of language services. He has written three books on global business.



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