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Localization Catbassadors

BY Óscar Curros

When a couple of friends asked me if I’d like to adopt Tomcat, I hesitated. At the same time, I couldn’t resist the jungle’s call. I was all alone at Interkultural, tired of playing the boss role in front of the mirror. Solo-preneurship had not been fun for quite a while. I needed an assistant to train and tell what to do.

I was naïve enough to believe I could do that to a feline.

How could I resist his spell when he came by my chair, touched me with his paw, and looked me in the eyes? The cute little tiger had a hypnotic look that instantly consumed my attention.

I tried to get my power back by naming him Wellness Assistant. No way. He’s a self-made CWO. Responsible for wellness, which translates into taking care of himself all day long while I do the hard work.

You may think that he won’t achieve much with that lazy routine. You’re wrong.

He’s made four cat-leagues who work for him. Now he has a league of hooman-fed catfluencers that help him spread his dominance all over the world.

Smell the team’s profiles below.

NAME: Tomcat Papadie
PRONOUNS: He/him/his
POSITION: Chief wellness officer at Interkultural
HOOMAN: Óscar Curros
FUN FACTS: Tomcat grew up in a multilingual home. His mother was adopted by an English engineer with global experience in countries like Turkey and Spain. He was born in the south coast of the latter, warmed by the Mediterranean sun. He would be called Papadie (French) or Diente de León (Spanish), meaning dandelion. That’s his spirit. He blows with the wind and carries a lion within. His charm enchants localization folks at LocLunch meetings, where he makes sure he stays on the spotlight and makes it to the final screenshot. He loves MultiLingual magazine’s print edition, which he takes to his favorite chair for his two-hour weekly catbassador routine.

NAME: Pasha Lee, in honor of the Ukrainian actor who died in Irpin last March. You can also find this fluffy snowflake as @CatKingPasha on Twitter.
PRONOUNS: He/him/his
POSITION: Purr-sonal assistant
HOOMAN: Marina Gracen-Farrell
FUN FACTS: Very sociable, loves to join Zoom calls. Watches YouTube videos for hours (highly recommend these for cats bored with work tasks). He was sad when his hooman’s internet service was down and sat for a while in front of the dark TV. When it was fixed, he sat there again and enjoyed lots of bird and squirrel videos. Pasha was the first catbassador recruited by Tomcat and was awarded Cat of the Month last July on MultiLingual Media’s LinkedIn page.

NAME: Puddy ‘The Black Beast’
PRONOUNS: He/him/his
POSITION: Curator of industry news and CAT-tool trainer
HOOMAN: Lisa McCarthy
FUN FACTS: Puddy is extremely vocal and always sounds like he’s starving. He weighs over nine kilos, but he claims he’s just “big-boned.” He will do anything for treats! He doesn’t like visitors and will stand guard in the doorway, preventing their entry. His favorite pastime is shredding yoga mats. He shares home with Chin-chin (8), both of them rescues, and gets mad at his hooman when she pays attention to some 12 feral cats as a volunteer. Puddy mocks the Facebook page “Translators with CATS,” currently over 3,400 members, because hoomans believe they own the cats. But the community is useful for networking, and he tells every cat to read MultiLingual and keep abreast of the industry’s news. That’s what we call a devoted catbassador!

NAME: Snidling (Hungarian for chives, pronounced “SCHNID-ling”)
PRONOUNS: He/him/his
POSITION: Senior CAT Tool Supervisor
HOOMAN: Emese Cuth
FUN FACTS: His hoomans chose the name simply because they loved the way it sounds! Snidling is obsessed with and mesmerized by Trados. He takes his job very seriously. His favorite magazine piece was the Trados review published in August this year. Later, they got a “wife” for him and named her “Parmesan,” just to go with the theme. They’ve become a loyal MultiLingual couple.

NAME: Katze Kurz (she’s a family member, called as such)
PRONOUNS: She/her/hers
POSITION: Hooman family owner
HOOMAN: Dr. Christopher Kurz 
FUN FACTS: Katze was a stray cat that one day stood on her current hooman family’s front porch. She ran away from her former “owner” because she didn’t like it there anymore. An agreement was reached 2.5 years ago so she could stay at her chosen place. Now she has fun running through the video feed when her hoomans are in video calls. She completely ruins the couch in their private office with her claws. We asked her to take a catbassador picture for MultiLingual, but she preferred to take a walk on the wild side. She also complained that this list is gender-biased because all the other catbassadors are binary and male (staff response: We’ll try to make it more balanced and diverse next time).

Óscar Curros is a journalist, translator, and writer for MultiLingual Media.



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