#219 – September

Edith Bendermacher’s leadership style revolves around community. And change is still the only constant.



hanks to technology, the world is the smallest it’s ever been. It’s easier than ever to connect with people thousands of miles away and separated by oceans and cultural differences. And that’s an opportunity for the business class. With language and localization services becoming more affordable, expanding internationally is within reach of even more modestly sized enterprises.

Of course, that comes with its own share of obstacles, including differing regulations, cultural sensitivities, and attitudes. This month, MultiLingual magazine explores the various technologies and considerations that come alongside an international expansion. The featured profile centers Edith Bendermacher, who developed an expertise enabling not just a multilingual business operation but also the professional communities that make such work worthwhile.

Likewise, our contributing writers cover essentials in international business like analyzing language quality evaluations, by now a familiar element of the modern translation process. Looking to expand your enterprise by spinning off into a brand new business? Our contributors write from experience on some of the pitfalls to avoid. And with innovators rethinking the roles language service providers can serve for growing clients, you might just learn some new approaches to showcase professional value.

Excitement and opportunities aren’t the only dynamics at play in this technologically connected world. It also means nations and institutions must reckon with the sins of the past. This reality was poignantly reflected in late 2022 when Pope Francis visited Canada to seek forgiveness for the Catholic Church’s role in the country’s residential schools, where thousands of Indigenous children suffered abuse and depravation. MultiLingual spoke with some of the interpreters and language professionals who ensured these words of penitence were understandable to all during the pope’s Canadian tour.

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The Euro of Gibberish

By Tim Brookes

Dive into the early days of Google Translate, where machine translation was more Wild West than refined art. Brookes reminisces about a time when translated text resembled a rollercoaster of linguistic twists and turns, more baffling than enlightening. Join him on a humorous exploration of the challenges and charm of Google’s early attempts to bridge languages, as he discovers its unintentional creation of a universal gibberish.


Change, Adaptability, Learning: A path to success

By Paz Valente

In the ever-evolving world of the localization industry, Paz Valente underscores the pivotal role of adaptability and innovation. Tackling misconceptions, she highlights the importance of continuous learning and technological embrace. Learn why translation excellence demands more than just language mastery and how commitment to technological advancements is indispensable. Explore this fresh perspective in MultiLingual’s insightful issue.

Busting the Myths of NMT

By John Paul (JP) Barraza

In the world of translation, neural machine translation (NMT) is the buzzword. But with buzz comes myths. John Paul (JP) Barraza tackles the common misconceptions surrounding this transformative technology. From its swift evolution over the past eight years, to its ability to specialize for niche markets, Barraza sheds light on what’s true, what’s not, and the potential it holds for both large and small Language Service Providers (LSPs). Dive into the intricacies of NMT in this comprehensive exploration, exclusively in this month’s MultiLingual.



Edith Bendermacher Fostering Community

Interview by Cameron Rasmusson

Edith Bendermacher is a luminary in the realm of globalization strategy. In our recent conversation, we delved into her impressive 12-year journey at NetApp, her emphasis on community building amid a tech-driven world, and her perspectives on the evolving role of language services as businesses strive to meet the demands of a global audience.


Words of penitence: The pope, Indigenous Canadians, and the residential school system

By Andrew Warner

Amidst the shadows of Canada’s troubling past with residential schools, Pope Francis embarked on a “penitential pilgrimage” in 2022, offering apologies on behalf of the Catholic Church. Interpreter Maggie Putulik, amidst a team of diverse linguistic experts, played a pivotal role in ensuring the Pope’s profound message reached hearts across Canada. Andrew Warner delves deep into the behind-the-scenes preparations, the emotions, and the resonance of this historic visit in this month’s issue for MultiLingual.


Best practices for securing enterprise machine translation

By Bart Maczynski and Arnaud Simon

Organizations today find themselves dealing with an ever-growing volume, velocity, and variety of multilingual content and data. 



Rethinking LQE Metrics: The impact of sample size on the perception of quality

By Marina Pantcheva

Is our approach to linguistic quality evaluation (LQE) flawed? Marina Pantcheva dives deep into the MQM 2.0 metrics, questioning its linearity and its inability to account for sample size variations. Drawing on linguistic theory and the nuances of human perception, this article challenges the industry norms, pushing for a more nuanced approach to translation quality metrics. Explore the intriguing disconnect between standardized metrics and actual linguistic perception in Pantcheva’s in-depth analysis.


10 Translation Blogs to Follow

By Renato Beninatto

The digital landscape is constantly changing, but the need for insightful content remains ever-present. As social media platforms have overshadowed the once-thriving world of translation blogs, Renato Beninatto explores the evolution of the blogging realm and spotlights 10 stand-out blogs that continue to offer invaluable insights for language professionals today. Discover the gems that continue to enlighten language professionals in a digital age.



Total Event Globalization An E2E language experience

Viviana Bernabe and Aki Hayashi decode the future of global events, emphasizing the vital role of comprehensive language strategies. Dive into innovations, from AI in live translations to the essence of human interpreting. Discover how to not just host, but truly globalize your event for a worldwide resonance.


Spinning Off a Business Without Getting Dizzy

Review by Deepak Nagabhushana, Maren Baetje-Mbaye, and Hartmut von Berg

In the dynamic terrain of global business, where mergers and acquisitions are frequent, establishing a seamless localization function in a spin-off can be a challenge. This exploration unravels the often-underestimated complexities of anchoring localization during the inception of a new company. Discover how proactive involvement, coupled with relentless cross-functional collaboration, can ensure the success of the localization endeavor amidst the spin-off chaos.