Every Thursdays in February from 9-10:30 AM PST/Noon EST/6 PM CET.

Participate in an easy-paced 90-minute conversation with the minds that lead and influence the direction of the language services industry. Instead of rushing to end the session and trying to squeeze in questions in five minutes, we allocated 30 minutes for questions from the audience.


Adam Asnes | Lingoport | panel host

Adam is the CEO/Founder of Lingoport, which helps software developers continuously deliver internationalized and localized software. Lingoport’s product suite includes Globalyzer to help developers create internationalized software products, Localyzer for automated software localization file management, and LocalyzerQA, which provides contextual in-application views and editing to Linguistic QA reviewers. Lingoport’s products and internationalization professional services are used by leading technology companies worldwide to reduce globalization costs and accelerate global customer outreach and revenue growth. Adam lives and works in Boulder, Colorado, enjoying cycling and all the mountains have to offer.

Panel Participants

Slivia Avary

Slivia Avary | Juniper Networks

Yuka Kurahawa

Yuka Kurihara | Staged Agile

Loy Searle

Loy Searle | Workday


Diego Cresceri | Creative Words | is hosting three panelists.

Diego Cresceri is CEO & Founder of Creative Words, a Language Service Provider based in Genoa. His clients include multilingual translation agencies, Italian companies aiming to internationalize, and foreign companies aiming to enter the Italian market. Graduated in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Genoa, before founding Creative Words he was a translator, project manager and Chief Operation Officer in a local translation agency. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of elia. At Creative Words he is responsible for the company’s strategy and growth. With a strong inclination to share, when not involved in his company he holds workshops and seminars on innovation, artificial intelligence and machine translation at universities, training schools and language associations nationally and internationally. He enjoys spending his (little) free time with his two kids.

Panel Participants

Monica Foresi

Monica Foresi | Expedia

Monica leads a team of localization experts at Expedia Group creating and localizing content for multiple brands in a fast-paced environment. In her role she drives programs for quality initiatives and oversees her team’s operations. In her spare time, she enjoys long walks with her dog.

Alessia Felici

Alessia Felici | Ingka Group

ICF Approved Executive & Team Coach. Certified Scrum Master and Agile Leader with 15 years of experience in People’s and Operations Management in the Localization industry. Alessia owns and drives the Localization Strategy across 30 countries at the Ingka Group within IKEA supporting and enabling our +30 markets as a global group function.


Anne-Marie Colliander Lind | Inkrease Consulting | is hosting three panelists.

Anne-Marie Colliander Lind is a recognized force in the global language industry landscape. She has spent 30 years helping multinational organizations solve their language issues, serving in executive sales and management positions at leading service, technology and market research companies. She is the CEO of Inkrease, a management consulting company based in Sweden that assists companies in their growth and development strategies. Anne-Marie is a sought-after speaker and is engaged part-time as marketing director for LocWorld and proud co-owner of NTIF, the Nordic Translation & Interpretation Forum.

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The Digital-First Universe Meets Artificial Intelligence and Dawns a New Day.

What is the future of the localization industry? To understand where we’re headed, it is helpful to consider how we got here. Things used to be a lot different. Success was measured by how “good” the translation was, as defined by its linguistic quality and technical compliance. Localization was totally divorced from business outcomes. 
Fast-forward to 2020, and we see that the pandemic has erased whatever resistance or sluggishness was left in companies towards digital channels. Digital transformation is now front and center as we’re living in a digital-first universe. 
Join this panel to dive into how the Digital-First universe meets Artificial Intelligence and Dawns a New Day. 

Jaime Punishill

Jaime Punishill | Lionbridge | is hosting three panelists.

Jaime is a recognized leader in brand strategy, innovation, and digital experiences, having most recently served as the Head of Brand Strategy & Digital Marketing at TIAA, a top financial services company, where he led the relaunch of its brand. In his prior role as Global Head of Content and Digital Distribution at Thomson Reuters, he designed and built a suite of products and services powering more than 1,000 financial firms, media partners’ portals, and apps. He previously served as Citibank’s N.A. Head of Digital Innovation, where he led Citi’s industry-leading mobile, social, and next-generation digital efforts. Jaime earned a Bachelor of Arts in History & Political Science from Stanford.

Kajetan Malinowski

Kajetan Malinowski | Lionbridge

Kajetan Malinowski is senior director of Proposition Management for Lionbridge, and is responsible for Lionbridge’s product strategy and for developing an AI-enabled localization platform. Malinowski holds an MBA from UQAM /Warsaw School of Economics.

October 15: Let’s Talk About Language, Culture and Design

Jonas Rysberg (Pactera EDGE) hosted Mimi hills (CodeChix), Adriana Grande (Roku), Pedro Gomez (Microsoft) and Pushpinder Lubana (PayPal).

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October 22: Let’s Talk About Women Leaders

Véronique Özkaya (Argos MultiLingual) hosted Kathleen Bostick (SDL), Britta Agaard (Semantix) and Elisabete Miranda (CQ Fluency).

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October 29: Let’s Talk About Innovation

Dave Ruane (XTM International) hosted Jean Senellart (Systran), Markus Meisl (SE), Marcus Casal (Amplexor) and Bob Willans (XTM International).

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November 5: Let’s Talk About Female Gender Bias

Carrie Fisher (Subway) hosted Aki Ito (LocalizationGuy), Jan Hinrischs (Beluga) and Rain Lau (TVT Media).

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August 6: Let’s Talk About Machine Translation

Kirti Vashee hosted Chris Wendt (Microsoft), Alon Lavie (Unbabel), Joern Wuebker (LILT).

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August 13: Let’s Talk About Diversification

Jost Zetzsche hosted Karen Tkaczyk (McMillan Translation), Mila Golovine (MasterWord), Gio Lester (American LSP).

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August 20: Let’s Talk About Enterprise-Level Localization

Katie Botkin hosted Jennifer Johnson (Autodesk), Teresa Marshall (Salesforce), Nataly Kelly (Hubspot)

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August 27: Let’s Talk About Localization Challenges in Market Pivots

Melissa Biggs of Locale Solutions hosted Loy Searle (WorkDay), Pascale Tremblay (Gap), and Lorna Whelan (TripAdvisor)

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