Fall Series

MultiLingual Fall Series: Meaningful Conversations with Thought Leaders.

Participate in an easy-paced 90-minute conversation with the minds that lead and influence the direction of the language services industry. Instead of rushing to end the session and trying to squeeze in questions in five minutes, we allocated 30 minutes for questions from the audience.

Thursday October 15, 22 & 29 and November 5 from 9-10:30 AM PST/Noon EST/6 PM CET.

“Creating Lovable, International Customer Experiences”
While adequate translation is still critical, global consumers want a customer experience that connects with them at a local level – and that cultural sensitivity is generally the missing ingredient in most brand translations. Join this thought provoking discussion with thought leaders from a variety of disciplines and brands.

Jonas Rysberg
Mimi Hills
Adriana Grande
Pedro Gomez
Pushpinder Lubana

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“Change Masters”
We will discuss our panelists’ different trajectories, what has changed (or not) for women in leadership roles, the impact of culture on the perception of women leading and what makes women leaders different.

Véronique Özkaya

Véronique Özkaya | Argos Multilingual

Britta Aagaard

Britta Aagaard | Semantix

Elisabete Miranda

Elisabete Miranda | CQ Fluency

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Thursday October 29 from 9-10:30 AM PST / Noon EST / 4 PM GST / 5 PM CET.

“The Intelligence Revolution in localization; Innovation, MT, AI, and when a white horse is not a horse
We are going through a fourth industrial revolution, driven by artificial intelligence and big data.  In our industry current technical Innovations like NMT are reaching a plateau, and various new approaches are taking shape.  Where is the innovation now? We will look at what is happening with NMT, non-MT AI,  discover dynamic specialization, MT marketplaces, Intelligent Automation, question whether a segmented differentiated offerings will take the place of a binary mindset; good human quality translation or NOT, and see how innovation strategies and tools like design thinking at large organizations are success enablers.


Dave Ruane | XTM International

Dave Ruane is Digital Content and Partnership Manager at XTM International. He started his 25 localization industry journey in technology and solutions roles, then moved into operations management, consultancy, and for most of the past 10 years he designed and deployed globalization business solutions for enterprises. Now he is building content and partner strategies which strengthen XTM’s ability to expand and grow. He is a regular moderator and speaker at industry events, and co-founder of the Process Innovation Challenge; a platform for show-casing innovation in the localization industry. He is a self-confessed techie, is based in coastal Spain, and more often than not can be found near fly fishing water.

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Bob Willans

Bob Willans | XTM International

Bob Willans is CEO of XTM International Ltd which he co-founded in 2002. He graduated from Cambridge University and has had a varied career, working in South America and as a successful entrepreneur in the IT industry. Building on his experience in the localization industry, he enjoys the varied challenges of growing the company and creating market-leading translation management software.

Jean Senellart

Jean Senellart | Systran

Jean Senellart joined SYSTRAN in 1999 after defending a thesis on natural language processing and graduating from France’s École Polytechnique. He has been working on the modernization of SYSTRAN’s legacy code, by leading multiple challenges such as Unicode introduction, IntutiveCoding technology development, introduction of machine learning, development of Translation Stylesheet, design and first-ever release of “self-training” hybrid translation engines, and more recently, modularization of language assets into the world-unique “Linguistic Development Toolkit”. After the merger and acquisition of SYSTRAN by Korean company CSLi, Jean is now the global chief technology officer, leading development of teams located all around the world.


Markus Meisl | SAP SE

Markus Meisl is a member of the management team of the department for language technology and language services at SAP, one of the world’s leading providers of enterprise software. His current role is co-managing the people aspects of translation and localization service teams that handle the localization of SAP’s product units for technologies, platforms and acquired Cloud companies. Markus’ passion is to develop organizations, teams, and individuals towards more self-organization, distributed leadership and life-long learning so they can better meet the many challenges of their dynamic and innovative work environment.

Marcus Casal

 Marcus Casal | Amplexor

It’s important to understand we all have conscious and unconscious biases. This discussion will delve into the female gender bias with a blended panel. We can only learn about ourselves and seek improvement when we can see different perspectives from different people and different cultures.

Panelists: Aki Ito, Jan Hinrichs.


Carrie Fisher | Subway

Carrie Fischer is the Globalization Services Manager at Subway, headquartered in Milford, CT. She is a volunteer at Women in Localization as the Program Director of the Global Community. After 25+ years in the localization industry, her favorite things to do are communicating, collaborating and virtual drinking with people and teams from all over the globe.

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Aki Ito

Aki Ito | Localization Consultant, Rock Singer

A native of Japan, Aki Ito is an experienced localization professional who has worked in the industry since 1996 in sales, operation management, and consulting. Aki currently serves on the editorial board for MultiLingual magazine and the technical communication advisory board for the University of Minnesota. He is also the President of LocalizationGuy. Aki has an MBA in international marketing and a BA in international relations.

Jan Hinrichs

Jan Hinrichs | Beluga

Jan is the founder and CEO of Beluga, a translation company focused on fast-moving companies. In the past 15 years, Jan has been deeply involved in the emerging market of web-service and mobile app localization as well as the supportive software infrastructure of online TMS to guarantee smooth and continuous translation workflows. In early 2019 he started the global LocLunch movement. Jan lives in Madrid, Spain, is married, and the father of twin girls.

Rain Lau

Rain Lau | TVT Media

August 6: Let’s Talk About Machine Translation

Kirti Vashee hosted Chris Wendt (Microsoft), Alon Lavie (Unbabel), Joern Wuebker (LILT).

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August 13: Let’s Talk About Diversification

Jost Zetzsche hosted Karen Tkaczyk (McMillan Translation), Mila Golovine (MasterWord), Gio Lester (American LSP).

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August 20: Let’s Talk About Enterprise-Level Localization

Katie Botkin hosted Jennifer Johnson (Autodesk), Teresa Marshall (Salesforce), Nataly Kelly (Hubspot)

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August 27: Let’s Talk About Localization Challenges in Market Pivots

Melissa Biggs of Locale Solutions hosted Loy Searle (WorkDay), Pascale Tremblay (Gap), and Lorna Whelan (TripAdvisor)

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