MultiLingual Spring Series — 

Conversations with Thought Leaders.

Every Thursday in May from 9-10:30 AM PST/Noon EST/6 PM CET.
Participate in an easy-paced 90-minute conversation with the minds that lead and influence the direction of the language services industry. Instead of rushing to end the session and trying to squeeze in questions in five minutes, we allocated 30 minutes for questions from the audience.

May 6 | Let’s Talk About the Future of Live Events, Conferences and Live Interpretation

In 2020, we saw a huge change in the way events and conferences take place, due to the combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and new technologies. These developments provided the industry with the opportunity for a fresh, new approach.

In this talk, Alex Chernenko will lead a discussion with panelists Alex Gusev, Natalia Fedorenkova, and Arsen Lazursky to examine the vast area of Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) technology and other leading trends that have the potential to take the language services industry to the next level.

May 6 | Watch The Recording

May 13 | Let’s Talk About Race and Linguistics

Within the world of linguistics, we can see parallels with systems in the US of white, anglophone privilege and narrow views of culture. Hosted by Michael Reid, this conversation will feature six other black panelists to share their experience and expertise as language industry professionals navigating this space.

May 13 | Watch The Recording

May 20 | Let’s Talk About Globalization for Startups & Enterprise Business

What is the trajectory for businesses going global? Why is language so important to business, and how can this barrier be overcome? What is the relationship between language and communication in our modern world, and how can technological tools keep up with these changes? Why isn’t AI being used for interpretation, and what does neutrality, fidelity and legality have to do with it?

May 13 | Watch The Recording

May 27 | Let’s Talk About Conversational Intelligence – Moving Beyond Machine Translation and Powerpoint

The language industry is moving in a positive direction from talking about machine translation (MT) to artificial intelligence (AI), but is it enough when most AI applications are focused on MT or workflows? Can AI support greater understanding and connection between people? What are some of the limits today to doing this and can they be overcome? Join Michael Stevens of Translated in what promises to be a lively discussion with panelists that are making the understanding of Conversation Intelligence a reality.

May 13 | Watch The Recording

MultiLingual Winter Series 2020 Recordings

Let’s Talk About the Battle over Globalization
February, 4
Adam Asnes(Lingoport), Loy Searle (Workday) and Silvia Avary (Juniper) Networks

Let’s Talk About Productivity
February, 11
Diego Cresceri(Creative Words), Monica Foresi (Expedia), Alessia Felici (Ingka Group) and Luciana Vecchi (Amazon)

Let’s Talk About Leveraging Your Digital Presence
February, 18
Anne-Marie Colliander Lind (Inkrease Consulting), Annsi Krol (Intrado Digital Media) and Tess Whitty (Swedish Translation Services).
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Let’s Talk About: The Future of the Localization Industry
February, 25
Cynthia Stephens (Lionbridge), Brian Randall (Lionbridge), Renato Beninatto (Nimdzi Insights), Dr. Arle Lommel (CSA Research) and Kajetan Malinowski (Lionbridge)

MultiLingual Fall Series 2020 Recordings

Let’s Talk About Language, Culture and Design
October, 15
Jonas Rysberg (Pactera EDGE) hosted Mimi hills (CodeChix), Adriana Grande (Roku), Pedro Gomez (Microsoft) and Pushpinder Lubana (PayPal).

Let’s Talk About Women Leaders
October, 22
Véronique Özkaya (Argos MultiLingual) hosted Kathleen Bostick (SDL), Britta Agaard (Semantix) and Elisabete Miranda (CQ Fluency).

Let’s Talk About Innovation
October, 29
Dave Ruane (XTM International) hosted Jean Senellart (Systran), Markus Meisl (SE), Marcus Casal (Amplexor) and Bob Willans (XTM International).

Let’s Talk About Female Gender Bias
November, 5
Carrie Fisher (Subway) hosted Aki Ito (LocalizationGuy), Jan Hinrischs (Beluga) and Rain Lau (TVT Media).

MultiLingual Summer Series 2020 Recordings

Let’s Talk About Machine Translation
August, 6
Kirti Vashee hosted Chris Wendt (Microsoft), Alon Lavie (Unbabel), Joern Wuebker (LILT).

Let’s Talk About Diversification
August, 13
Jost Zetzsche hosted Karen Tkaczyk (McMillan Translation), Mila Golovine (MasterWord), Gio Lester (American LSP).

Let’s Talk About Enterprise-Level Localization
August, 20
Katie Botkin hosted Jennifer Johnson (Autodesk), Teresa Marshall (Salesforce), Nataly Kelly (Hubspot)

Let’s Talk About Localization Challenges in Market Pivots
August, 27
Melissa Biggs of Locale Solutions hosted Loy Searle (WorkDay), Pascale Tremblay (Gap), and Lorna Whelan (TripAdvisor)