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Earning localization managers a seat at the strategy table

Big business is increasingly reliant on globalization for growth, and there’s only one way to reach new markets: making the product accessible to new cultures and languages. Given localization’s increased importance, however, how can localization managers earn a seat at the strategy table and due recognition? 

Localization Metrics and Return on Investment

While humankind was still grappling with the new reality of the pandemic, LocWorldWide42 (LWW42) was presented to localization professionals and other participants attending virtually...

Seven steps to prepare a mobile game for localization

According to App Annie’s “The State of Mobile” report, in 2018 games accounted for 74% of consumer spend in app stores. Games are huge, which is why MultiLingual's latest issue, which just went live, focuses on the topic.

20 Year Strategy for Irish Language Launched: It's All Politics

Irish Government launched their 20 year strategy for the Irish language. But it's the wrong strategy, for the wrong language, at the wrong time. What a shame the strategy wasn't about creating a multilingual society in Ireland and positioned Irish within that, along with other languages.