ABRATES Welcomes New Board of Directors

Rio de Janeiro, June 13, 2022 – On May 20, the Brazilian Association of Translators  and Interpreters (ABRATES) revealed the names of the newly elected Board of Directors. And in  an unprecedented move, the outgoing and the incoming boards will work together  through July 31, and on August 1, the Elected Board will take office. 

The 49-year-old association, the largest in Latin America, is saying goodbye to the  2020-2022 Board led by Giovanna Lester, President, Val Ivonica, Vice President,  Daniel Erlich, 1st Secretary, Dayse Boechat, 2nd Secretary, Lídio Rodrigues, Treasurer,  and Adriana Machado, 2nd Treasurer. 

The Elected Board will continue the work of former boards and add its own flavor to  their mandate. They have two important happenings in their watch: Abrates 12th International Translation and Interpreting Conference, in 2023, and the Association’s  50th birthday, in 2024. 

Meet the Elected Board: Bruno Murtinho, President, Andressa Gatto, Vice President,  Carolina Ventura, 1st Secretary, Paloma Bueno, 2nd Secretary, Renata Fernandes, 1st Treasurer, Luciana Bonancio, 2nd Treasurer. We invite you to visit our website and  learn more about our incoming leaders. 

Since 1974, Abrates has supported, defended, and promoted education and  professionalism, increasing its reach through partnerships with international  associations, universities, and vocational schools. Abrates is a member of the  International Federation of Translators (FIT), and recently had a starring role in the  creation of Brazil’s first norms on translation and interpreting. 

To learn more about the Associação Brasileira de Tradutores e Intérpretes, please  visit our website at https://abrates.com.br/

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