AcudocX Revolutionizes Certified Translations and Announces Strategic Acquisition of

BRISBANE, Australia — AcudocX, a disruptive SaaS platform in the certified translation space, has unveiled a revolutionary solution poised to transform global immigration processes. With a unique translation capability at its core, AcudocX simplifies one painful process within the immigration journey for all stakeholders while enhancing the efficiency of ‘certified’ translations.

Founded by Dylan J Hartmann and Stephen St Baker, AcudocX addresses the complexities of the certified translation process, benefiting immigrants, certified translators, migration agencies, LSPs, and government departments. This innovative platform streamlines customer translation needs, offers certified translators a platform to commercialize their skills, and accelerates translation processing for government agencies coping with the demands of a substantial immigration applicant backlog.

Co-founder Dylan J Hartmann, a NAATI-certified Thai-English translator, initially recognized the need for a customer-centric translation solution, as customers know their personal information better than anyone. This idea germinated into the AcudocX self-service translation solution, which empowers customers to input their data directly into templates, fostering a smoother translation process. The customer entries are edited and signed off by certified translators, and then the platform handles the final formatting and delivery directly to the customer.

“AcudocX empowers customers, transforms certified translation workflow, and optimizes government processing with accurate, standardized templates. It bridges a gap in certified translations,” stated Dylan J Hartmann.

Certified translators, LSPs, education and migration agencies, and government departments can all harness the AcudocX platform to streamline their services. Migration and education agencies can act as ‘customer brokers’ and upload their customers’ documents for immediate claiming and processing. The AcudocX solution allows immigrants to immediately access efficient translation services at very competitive prices and never-before-seen service delivery times, which can be as quick as one minute from the point of submission to delivery of the certified translations.

“AcudocX aligns interests and optimizes processes, reducing redundant time in translations and enhancing efficiency for all stakeholders,” added Stephen St Baker, co-founder of AcudocX.

With a resolute focus on scalability, AcudocX stands as a transformative solution for global immigration. The platform’s adaptability enables implementation across freelancers, language service providers, universities, government departments, education and migration agencies. As a forward-looking company, AcudocX seeks collaborations to enhance the global translation landscape.

AcudocX Expands Horizons through Strategic Acquisition of

In a significant move, AcudocX has acquired, a US startup founded by Kyle Corbitt, ex-Google Software Engineer and former Y Combinator Director, who has now become an advisor to AcudocX. revolutionized certified translation services in the United States by providing an AI solution for self-service translations, “simplifying translations vital for immigration processes, university applications, and court proceedings,” it quoted on its website.

This strategic acquisition enriches AcudocX’s offerings by integrating the AI-backed capabilities from As the integration process unfolds, AcudocX is poised to elevate the speed and accuracy of self-service translations, merging AI technology with human insight and signing-off with certified translator expertise.

“We are embarking on a transformative journey, redefining translation services by synergizing AI and human ingenuity, but still keeping the certified translator at the forefront,” said Dylan J Hartmann.

About AcudocX 

AcudocX makes translating documents quick and easy. The AcudocX self-service option empowers customers with the ability to fill in their basic information. The result is a significant reduction in time spent by translators – from the moment a customer submits a job to the moment the certified translation is delivered. Customers are given a choice of this offering alongside regular translation services. AcudocX offers streamlined and time-efficient desktop and mobile platforms that will inherently reduce the costs for customers but also helps to manage translation workloads, customer queries, and also billing processes while being flexible enough to handle ad-hoc or full translation requests.

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