Akorbi Group appoints Javier Martinez as Chief Technology Officer

Plano, TX (August 2, 2022) — Akorbi Group, a Plano-based global group of companies specializing in language, technology, and workforce solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Javier Martinez as Chief Technology Officer. As director of the strategic design, management, and implementation of Akorbi’s technology functions, he will be responsible for driving innovation in application development, social engineering, data analytics, and cloud platforms.

A multi-faceted enterprise software solutions architect with 26+ years of expertise, Mr. Martinez has a history of delivering significant business outcomes by building and sustaining scalable, secure, and robust applications. He has cut operational costs, increased revenue, and spearheaded innovation through one click ordering and machine learning. He spent 19 years at Verizon, most recently as a Technology Director, overseeing the development and delivery of software for advertising, search and discover, personalization, Web VOD and linear viewership, business intelligence, and service unification. Before that he was the Director of Verizon.com Retail E-Ordering and BSG Verizon Communications Director, managing end-to-end systems development teams and processes.

To compete in the global marketplace, today’s language service providers must evolve beyond mere translation or interpretation services to become sophisticated engineering shops that play an integral part in worldwide systems and data integration. Mr. Martinez’s appointment is part of Akorbi’s growth strategy to stay ahead of the technology trends and expand the company’s solutions-oriented digital approaches to language engineering. 

Akorbi recently acquired RunMyProcess (RMP), a low-code platform with more than 2,400 connectors that offers unprecedented opportunities to optimize networked business models and integrate enterprise business applications and workflows. RMP connects systems previously unable to speak to one another — including Adobe, PayPal, Plunet, Microsoft Office, Memsource, Google Suite, SAP, Salesforce, NetSuite, and Zoom — to deliver enhanced language and digital capabilities to clients around the world. Whether you need a telephonic infrastructure, to manage multilingual video connections, access to machine translation or even real-time translators that can attest or certify your work using a Zoom or Citrix meeting, RunMyProcess is the solution. 

“The localization industry is constantly evolving, requiring more data and seamless systems integration. This is creating an increasing demand for user generated content which requires organizations to produce significant amounts of multilingual content in real-time. We are extremely proud that Javier Martinez has joined the Akorbi family. He will focus on solutions-oriented technology strategies and make decisions that will support our overarching business objectives. It is a privilege to bring in someone with his talent and credentials to help us stay ahead of the innovation curve,” said Akorbi Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Claudia Mirza.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity to work with a highly respected and forward-thinking organization that helps clients connect with employees, vendors, and other organizations in over 170 languages. Technology represents the future success of the organization. I welcome the challenges and opportunities that come with this position at Akorbi and look forward to being part of a team charged with devising and implementing strategies for future growth,” said Javier Martinez.

About Akorbi

Akorbi’s solutions-oriented technology platforms offer customizable enterprise solutions that eliminate language barriers, improve client outcomes, and reduce cost, through localization, interpretation in any method, workforce solutions and multilingual contact centers with business process outsourcing (BPO) capabilities. The company recently acquired RunMyProcess (RMP), a sophisticated, low-code technology providing a fully optimized, end-to-end solution that automates workflows to integrate enterprise business applications to transform digital assets and achieve office automation.

One of the largest U.S. based, woman-owned companies providing enterprise solutions that enable companies to succeed in the global economy, Akorbi holds several highly audited certifications, including HUB, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, EN 15038:2006 and M/WBE. To learn more, please visit our website. Follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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