LocWorldWide44 PIC Winner Elaborates

Rikkert Engels is the founder and director of Xillio which he started in 2004 out of frustration with a migration project he was working on. Xillio has developed an API platform for content integration projects. In 2019, LocHub was developed to help automate multilingual content delivery processes.

More and more companies are using headless CMS architecture to handle content for their websites. However, for multilingual websites, a division between the front end and the back end can lead to a variety of UX and SEO issues. For example, a well-edited and artistically articulated marketing message that a company spent a hefty budget to translate and localize may be misplaced or end up with an untranslated title, causing a single page to contain multiple languages. Automation can also lead the system to declare the localized page as the same language as the original. Errors like these make content lose its shine and effectiveness, frustrate users, and ultimately lose conversions and revenue.

For years, this headless environment has been evolving, but no one was able to bridge the gap caused by automation. While the market has plenty of tools to check for linguistic errors, there was never a tool to test for user experience issues across languages. If a website contains some spelling errors, it’s relatively easy to find the right tool to detect and correct these mistakes. But when it came to errors due to automation, companies had no easy option to avoid suffering the consequences of investing in marketing and localization, only to end up with messy and difficult-to-navigate websites. In fact, most companies don’t even perform a manual check for these kinds of errors, proving that there’s both a lack of proper tools and awareness of the problem.

That’s where LocHub Insights comes in. Founder and CEO Rikkert Engels is on a mission to bring localization and marketing together to make better multilingual websites. LocHub Insights introduces a groundbreaking innovation: a complete website crawl to determine if content is correctly inserted and attributed. LocHub Insights uses a simple dashboard to clearly show the errors and where they are. It helps web developers locate errors and their root causes to eradicate them from their system, while localization teams can optimize translation allocation and spending.

LocHub Insights is the only localization tool on the market that is designed for WebOps engineers. By focusing on user  experience and SEO, LocHub Insights can ensure that web developers and engineers create multilingual websites that look great, add value, and get the most out of the marketing and localization teams. All you need is a website URL to get started, so it’s very easy to try, use, and integrate. This amazing innovation will change how companies manage and display multilingual content forever.

Engels presented LocHub Insights at LocWorldWide44 as part of the Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) and won the PIC award, becoming the first two-time winner in the prize’s 10-year history, and innovator of the year for Europe in 2021.