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In this issue, we cover two things central to localization: emerging markets and translation technology. Emerging markets are the goal, at least in the sense that localization is always looking toward what was previously unexplored, while technology is crucial to the method.

Our Core Focus covers translation technology, and will be available on our website free for download at Our previous Core Focuses may be downloaded from our website as well. This one spans everything from technology-assisted interpreting to machine translation to cloud security. Tatiana Gornostay’s musings on better terminology tools touches on the need for terminology in emerging markets in particular — which leads us back to our industry focus. Here we have an overview of emerging market strategies and considerations from Conor Bracken, a look at one of Canada’s newly-official minority languages from Alicia Assini, and a piece on Brazil, just in time for the World Cup, from Louise Law and Ellen Donaldson.

For when emerging markets pose challenges and disruptions such as poor infrastructure or even a revolution, Rosalind Smith and Mohamed Aly have some suggestions in our Perspectives gleaned from their own experience in Egypt.

In our Takeaway, E.S. Wibbeke offers advice on culturally savvy leaders who can gracefully do business in their nonnative culture, which is critical in any new market a company is considering.

New markets and new technology can both be daunting. We hope our continued research into these topics is a source of inspiration to our readers.