Blu Digital Group Acquires Danish Media Services Company Dicentia Studios

Los Angeles, [December 15, 2022] Blu Digital Group, Inc., a leading media and entertainment industry digital supply chain company,  has announced its acquisition of Dicentia Studios, an award-winning technical audiovisual services company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dicentia Studios specializes in content distribution, localization, and post-production services for the European market. 

Dicentia Studios is distinguished as one of the few digital media fulfillment companies  in the world that is both an iTunes Preferred Encoding House and a Netflix Preferred Fulfillment Partner. Through the acquisition the combined group is now positioned as a premier provider of media management, localization and distribution services, handling all aspects of the value chain from content to market. 

Blu Digital Group has made a series of three strategic acquisitions in 2022. The acquisition of Dicentia Studios follows the purchase of Haymillian in November 2022, a deal that established Blu’s presence in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, most notably in the United Kingdom, Greece and Mexico. In May 2022, Blu Digital expanded its English dubbing capabilities with the acquisition of Central Post LA, an award-winning audio recording facility in Hollywood. The facility, now known as Blu Digital Group’s Hollywood studio, has enabled Blu Digital Group to significantly grow its localization services. 

“Adding Dicentia Studios to the Blu team offers a huge opportunity to provide a premium solution to content owners looking to drive the maximum value from their content and rights,” said Paulette Pantoja, Blu Digital Group’s CEO. “Our acquisition of Haymillian substantially grew our localization footprint by adding over 6500 translator team members. Through our acquisition of Dicentia Studios we are expanding our media management and distribution services further across Europe.”

Dicentia specializes in the physical and digital distribution of film, music, games and audio books. The company works across physical and digital media platforms to help customers capitalize on their content delivered to video streaming platforms around the world.

“The mission of Dicentia has always been to help media license holders maximize the value of their content and rights. It was clear from our earliest conversations with the Blu team that we were very well-aligned in terms of our focus, goals, and the solutions we offered,” said Bobby Johar, Dicentia Studios CEO. “Joining forces with Blu provides us with the opportunity to see our vision applied across a much broader landscape.”

About Blu Digital Group

Based in Burbank, California, Blu Digital Group, Inc. provides transformative digital supply chain services and software to the media and entertainment industry. The company offers cloud-based solutions focused on automated content servicing and preparation, and order management to video streaming platforms. These solutions include qualifying Film/TV content, and optimizing digital delivery of content through its proprietary software to enable content rights holders to reach new audiences and generate additional revenue streams.

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About Dicentia Studios

Dicentia Studios is a forward leaning and technology-oriented media fulfillment company dedicated to help content publishers, producers, distributors, broadcasters, and OTT providers to transform, quality control, localize and deliver its audiovisual content in any format, in any language and to any playout or marketplace globally.  It does so by combining downstream capabilities with its proprietary supply chain technology, localization and productivity platform, Dicentia MediaCloud ®

The company is a Netflix Preferred Fulfillment Partner, an Apple Preferred Encoding House for Feature films, TV Series and Apple Channels. Dicentia is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2021/22 the company served customers in 25 countries across 4 continents.

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