Breaking the language barrier: Blanc AI to deep translate videos into 200+ languages

Blanc, a deep technology company that builds ML algorithms enabling people to speak any language on video, released an update. It is now possible to deep translate videos into more than 200 languages. The list includes the rarest ones, such as Khmer, Burmese, Galician or Javanese.

Such a feature breaks boundaries of content spreading. Deep video translation, which includes voice-over, and lips movement synchronization to almost any language, provides an opportunity to deliver ideas and knowledge to the farthest corners of the world. Moreover, the time for producing content in different languages is reduced significantly – the AI company almost instantly makes translation and voice-over into another language, even with large amounts of information. It now takes 24 hours to translate any video. The quality of translation is ensured by professional translators’ verification of each video.

Blanc has been developing its algorithms since 2020, and during this time has greatly advanced the capabilities of the translation and voice-over of video and audio content. For each language, you can choose any accent and voice. In addition, the company is developing the lips synchronization algorithm, which adjusts speakers’ lips movement to the newly generated voice-over in a target language. This not only makes videos authentic, but also simplifies the perception of information by the viewers. Check out the website and upload video here for the free sample.

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