Company executives announce Stoquart’s purchase of Version internationale

Belgian LSP Stoquart and French LSP Version internationale executives announced today that the two companies are joining forces. Françoise and Patrick Bajon are stepping down and Dimitri Stoquart will take over as president of Version internationale.

Moving forward, the two businesses will continue to serve their existing and new clients under the Stoquart company structure. After the deal, Version international will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Stoquart, and Version internationale will continue operations under its own name. 

“I had been looking forward to this deal for a while,” said Dimitri Stoquart. “It is a major milestone which is aimed at future-proofing both companies while enlarging their reach and enhancing the service offering. There is a lot of work ahead but it looks quite promising.” 

The move is designed to future-proof both companies, consolidating resources and portfolios while ensuring clients experience no disruption of services. Continuity is the key as both companies finalize the transition. Thanks to the companies’ similar structures as ISO-certified LSPs, finalizing the transition without disruption will be a simple matter.   

Due to a longstanding relationship of trust and respect, Stoquart founder and CEO Dimitri Stoquart and Version internationale co-founder and CEO Françoise Bajon finalized the deal in a smooth, orderly manner. 

“Over the years, meeting at conferences or helping each other, Françoise and myself always had the same approach to our work,” Dimitri Stoquart said. The combined entities definitely have a lot of genes in common.”

The deal’s finalization means Stoquart will oversee business operations with a team of almost 70 employees serving clients from France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and Canada. 

About Stoquart

Stoquart is an international language service provider aiming to help organizations worldwide to overcome language and cultural barriers and connect with global audiences.

Our mission is to streamline communication between individuals and organizations regardless of the languages they speak. Our highly effective workflows and flexible language solutions create the perfect framework to accelerate growth by bringing people together and helping them reach their goals.

About Version internationale

Our obsession is not simply to deliver quality translations on time and within budget — we also aim to be a true partner in our clients’ international strategy.

Our desire for excellence is rooted in our genes. Of course, we want to satisfy each of our customers with every delivery. But we also know that quality translations benefit both us, our clients, and our clients’ customers, promoting clear communication, financial flourishing, and overall satisfaction. 


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