EasyTranslate launches new strategy to help startups reach new markets

A new free-of-charge strategy is launched by the Danish software company EasyTranslate. This will help businesses translate their webshops into new languages and reach new markets for a much lower cost than the traditional offerings.

The Danish company EasyTranslate has sales in more than 50 countries and employs more than 600 freelance translators every month. Now, they have launched their newest strategy and pricing plan: ‘Freemium’, which is a business model that enables small business owners to translate and localize their online businesses – free of charge.

“We believe that every company should be able to reach global markets with localization. But historically the cost of the agencies has been too high and with hidden fees. This means that the smaller businesses and startups are left behind from the start,” says Frederik Riskær, CEO of EasyTranslate.

EasyTranslate is now offering a traditional LSP (Language Service provider) and a TMS (Translation Management Software) for free, through their Freemium pricing plan. Thus, companies will only have to pay the fee to the translators.

The ambition for EasyTranslate is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs to emerge and up-scale in new, global markets without compromising quality. This is made possible by creating a software solution where the companies can browse and onboard freelance translators that have been verified by EasyTranslate, and build automation workflows to utilize machine translation and hereby reach the perfect balance between cost and quality.

“A flawed and expensive solution shouldn’t be the standard of the translation industry, but unfortunately it is often the case. We want to change that image and that’s also one of the reasons we give away our verified translators without any additional fees on top of their word rates,” says Frederik Riskær.

At the same time, Frederik Riskær underlines that customers, who want to change their pricing plan from Freemium to get the full experience of EasyTranslate’s services, will be paying for a subscription.

Software and match-making services

EasyTranslate was founded in 2010 in Denmark by Frederik Riskær and Peter Ladegaard.

Originally the company focused on translation and interpretation but has over the years developed into a tech company focusing on software and localisation of content. But even more importantly, the company has developed a platform, where freelance translators and businesses can connect. According to Frederik, EasyTranslate wants to give freedom and control back to the freelancers.

“Agencies can be great, but today it’s often not enough. The best localisation of content happens, when the freelancers know the company, their brand and tone of voice. That is why we have developed the EasyTranslate platform, which functions as a match-making service between freelancers and businesses. This gives both parties the opportunities to get to know each other and build relationships,” says Frederik Riskær, and continues:

“We want to give the freedom and control back to the translators. They should be able to reach out to companies and showcase their work. We know from experience that this gives the best end results for companies and consumers. Our platform also gives the translators better tools to compete with the agencies. 

About ‘Freemium’

The Freemium solution gives access to the EasyTranslate platform for 12 months. The solution is free of charge and gives access to a wide range of popular features on the EasyTranslate platform. Features include Editor, Roles & Permissions, Account & structure, Wallet & Invoicing, Integrations, 2 translators, 1000 strings, 2 workflows and 24.000 words. 

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