Unleash the Potential of Your Digital Impression

The launch of our new vertical platform in 2019 will further increase the value of your ad campaign in MultiLingual. All print ads will be included in the digital edition. If you choose not to enhance your print ad in any way, it will be placed in the new platform as is and linked to the URL listed in your ad copy. You now have the option to add high resolution components to be assembled in the digital edition. There are multiple options that create an engaging experience, including animation, video and more.

Prices are based on your unique needs. Please contact us directly for more information, custom samples or a quote at advertising@multilingual.com.

[  Traditional Print Advertising for Digital — $0

Insert your print ad as is

Reuse print artwork as is with no enhancement; link to URL included in ad copy.
(No action required — default)

[  Converted Digital Advertising — $350

Converted ad

This is your traditional print ad converted to digital format using a background image or color that spans the full width of the screen, your logo and marketing copy and a custom call-to-action button.

Converted Buyer’s Guide listing

(Included with full-page packages only)

This is your traditional listing converted to digital format and highlighted to stand out. Your copy stays the same and you can use a background color that spans the width of the brief, with a custom call-to-action button.

[  Enhanced Digital Advertising — $500

Option 1 – Use animation

Includes all elements in the converted digital ad plus animation.

Option 2 – Rotate multiple images

Includes all elements in converted digital ad plus up to five additional images that will automatically scroll on a loop.

Option 3 – Include video and audio

All elements in converted digital ad plus embedded video or audio (10-25 seconds in length).

[ Digital Edition Host — $1,000 for full page multi-issue advertisers — $1,500 for full page single issue advertisers

Customized branded digital edition

The digital edition will have a custom landing page featuring your company as the edition host. You can embed audio or video and you’ll have a link to share your hosted edition to your customer/prospect database, on your website and social media channels.

Prices are based on your unique needs. Please contact us directly for more information, custom samples or a quote.