Hiventy Group Expands in Africa, opening office in Morocco

Further to HIVENTY AFRICA setting up studios in Kenya (2019) and Nigeria (2020), HIVENTY  GROUP continues its expansion throughout the continent by opening HIVENTY for North  Africa based in the heart of Casablanca, Morocco.

Since 2019, the global media industry’s interest in African market share is fast growing. Thus, and naturally, Hiventy is expanding into this flourishing market, positioning itself as a bridge between the producers and viewers to safeguard the creative intent and technical quality. 

HIVENTY’s facility for North Africa supports dubbing, voiceover and audio description services  for Neutral & African French, Modern Standard Arabic, Darija and Moroccan dialects,  subtitling and SDH/CC services for European and North African languages and packaging &  content delivery to all platforms.

This new facility provides its customers with and not limited to:

  • A team of multilingual project managers
  • Studios dedicated to recording and mixing for dubbing services 2.0 and 5.1 ● Subtitling stations
  • Quality control studios
  • Media processing studio
  • An ultra-secure work environment, asset management and storage – all our facilities  are backed by a competitive technical infrastructure and are offered with optimal  safety conditions, to comply with the international standards. 
  • A network of more than 150 voice talents, translators and proofreaders, all selected  for their language skills and their ability to work in accordance with international  standards

Under the supervision of Juliette VIVIER, International Director of Hiventy Group, Maxime  MONTOYA takes up the position of General Manager – HIVENTY for North Africa and will lead this  newly created entity to great success!

Thierry Schindelé, CEO of Hiventy Group, said that “We are delighted to be able to support  the rapid development of the African audiovisual industry and bring our expertise to the  continent’s producers, distributors and broadcasters. All our African studios and teams are  actively servicing local, regional and worldwide clients, this is a testament to the strength of  the market and the distribution opportunities available throughout Africa.”

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