Inlingo appoints Anastasia Zamulina as new commercial director

Inlingo—Gamedev Outsourcing Studios—has announced the appointment of Anastasia Zamulina as its new commercial director. 

Anastasia has four years of experience in sales, marketing, and management of dispersed teams in the game localization industry. She will now take on the role of commercial director at Inlingo, defining the company’s strategy and overseeing all levels of work affecting its growth. 

“I became commercial director after four years with the company, and now manage all departments responsible for attracting customers: sales, marketing, and analytics,” said Anastasia of her appointment. 

“My plans now include structuring departments’ tasks, drawing up and maintaining a company marketing development strategy, and synchronizing all three departments to achieve one common goal: the continued growth of the company. I am grateful to Inlingo for this chance, and I hope that my work as Commercial Director will bring even more profit.”

Inlingo CEO Pavel Tokarev added: “Our overall goal for the next 10 years is to grow tenfold. We want to create a global gaming outsourcing hub while remaining an independent company. This format will help us give our customers more freedom and flexibility in terms of pricing and range of services.” 

About Anastasia

Anastasia started her career with Inlingo as business development manager and over several years grew to head of business development. She is now the company’s commercial director. Anastasia has extensive experience of working with partners, is adept at setting up large departments to work effectively, and knows how to scale a company and increase its profits many times over.

Connect with her on LinkedIn.

About Inlingo

Inlingo has been providing outsourcing services for gaming companies since 2012. Its services include localization, voiceovers, writing narratives, and creating art for game developers. It has more than 40 languages at its disposal and a team of translators from all over the world. Over the past 10 years, Inlingo has localized more than 2,500 projects. The company works with games of all genres, from match-three games to fighting games and MMORPGs. 


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