Interprefy Launches Live Captions in More than 30 Languages

Interprefy Captions supports live captioning in 31 languages to facilitate better understanding in multilingual conferences and events 

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, September 29, 2021 – Interprefy, the leading provider of managed remote simultaneous interpretation technology and services, has today announced its new live captioning abilities for multilingual meetings and conferences supporting participants with hearing impairment as well as those who prefer to follow the content with visual reinforcement.

Interprefy Captions mark another milestone in the company’s mission to make the global meetings and events space more inclusive and accessible. Complementing Interprefy’s sign language offering, Interprefy Captions are available in 31 languages, including the world’s most spoken and beyond.

Interprefy captions have been designed as a visual aid for users to follow speech through translated subtitles – with real-time interpretation from professional conference interpreters transcribed into live captions using AI-powered Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology.

The tool also includes a powerful glossary function that allows Interprefy clients to pre-load the system with context-specific terms, acronyms and names that will be used during the event to enhance captions accuracy even further.

Speaking on the launch, Interprefy CEO, Annet Polaszewski-Plath, said, “The addition of Interprefy Captions is another big step in our mission to break down barriers and make global communication more accessible. The progress of real-time captioning technology is important to support inclusivity and accessibility – not just in large events, but for any business meeting, conference or video stream.”

“No matter the impairment or language, everyone should be able to access the content equally. We’re continuing to innovate our technology and services so that everyone, regardless of their language capabilities, can feel included and join in on the conversation,” Polaszewski-Plath concludes.

Interprefy Captions is available today to select clients in 31 languages, with more to be added in the future.

If you are interested in experiencing Interprefy Captions in action, please join Interprefy’s upcoming partner webinar with ON24 on October 5th: Register here

About Interprefy
Interprefy is the leading provider of managed remote simultaneous interpretation technology and services, designed to support businesses, governments, and international organizations worldwide in overcoming language barriers in professional meetings and events.

The Interprefy platform revolutionizes simultaneous interpreting by replacing cumbersome hardware with cloud-based software so that professional conference interpreters can deliver their services without needing be onsite, while event participants can connect on any device or meeting platform and speak their own language.

Since 2015, Interprefy has facilitated over 30,000 truly multilingual online, hybrid and on-site conferences and meetings, including some of the world’s largest events. Because Interprefy partners with global language services providers, the best interpreting talent for any mix of languages and subject areas can be sourced, even at short notice.

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