Featured Reader

Would you introduce yourself?
Matt Schexnayder, cofounder and director of S2 Lingua LLC, a translation and localization company.

Where do you live?
Most of the year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, although we will soon be moving our main office to the Research Triangle in the United States.

How did you get started in this industry?
In 2006, I moved from New Orleans to Buenos Aires fresh out of college with a degree in business management and a desire to broaden my horizons. I was hired as a business developer at an international language service provider (LSP) later that year. In 2008 I started my first company, specializing in multilingual desktop publishing, and later expanded to translations. In 2016 I started S2 Lingua with my wife, Marcela Sciaccaluga, whom I met at the LSP where I first began.

What language(s) do you speak?
I’m a native English speaker. I’m fluent in Spanish and I know a little bit of French.

Whose industry social feeds (twitter, blog, LinkedIn, Facebook) do you follow?
MultiLingual, of course! I also follow Slator, TAUS and the Globally Speaking podcast with Renato Beninatto and Michael Stevens. I’m a fan of Moravia’s blog too. Two of their guys, Pavel Soukenik, CCO, and Jan Grodecki, solutions architect, were some of my instructors at the University of Washington localization engineering program. It’s a great program for localization enthusiasts who want to stay ahead of the curve.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Gardening, golf, skiing and playing with my son. I also enjoy hosting asados (Argentine barbecues) for my family and friends. As a foreign resident, I found that proper grilling was the fastest way to earn the respect of an Argentine.

Do you have a blog or online presence that you would like to share with our readers?
Sure! You can find me on LinkedIn. My company’s website is, which has a Facebook and LinkedIn page too.

Do you belong to any industry-related associations?
Yes, we’re members of GALA and

Why do you read MultiLingual?
Its diversity of information keeps readers abreast with industry news, technology, developments and best practices. It’s essential reading for LSP owners.