Featured Reader

Would you introduce yourself?
Carlos la Orden Tovar, InsideLoc.

Where do you live?
The beautiful Bologna, Italy.

How did you get started in this industry?
About 20 years ago, I completed my degree in education and started working as a teacher. However, I felt the urge to take my passion for languages more seriously, so I decided to study translation and interpreting in my hometown, Soria, Spain. A few months after finishing my studies, I embarked on a discovery trip that has taken me so far to ten different countries in the name of translation, technology and learning.

How how long have you worked in it?
My first rodeo as a professional translator was in 2001. Since then, I have had the chance to explore and work from several different angles of this great industry: project manager, engineer, interpreter, trainer, localizer… never enough, one would say!

Headshot Orden Tovar

What language(s) do you speak?
Spanish (native), English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Basque, some Catalan and German and a pinch of incredibly mediocre Russian. Yes, that sounds like your average language freak.

Whose industry social feeds (Twitter, blog, LinkedIn, Facebook) do you follow? (If any)
Nowadays I am very active on social media, as I’ve learned to pick the most valuable pieces of information and develop great discussions (occasionally leading to collaborations and business) with many brilliant colleagues. Just to name one for each platform: Xosé Castro on Twitter; Olga Jeczmyk and her blog 20,000 lenguas; Corinne McKay on LinkedIn and Languages Around the Globe on Facebook.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Plenty! Besides punishing my family and friends with our industry’s usual translation-related gibberish, I love to keep myself busy all year round. I travel a lot, I play and sing (mainly rock and metal), keep studying (I’m a bookworm) and like to put myself outside of my comfort zone. I’m a mountain guy who has worked in a surf camp and watered coffee plantations in Central America. My job is my passion, but everything in my life is driven toward having a balanced lifestyle where there’s enough room — never enough, again — to enjoy my hobbies and good company.

What industry organizations and activities do you participate in?
As a speaker and trainer, I have found out that being an active player in your local scene as well as trying to connect with the international players and colleagues in the industry really pays off. I am very fond of ELIA as an association, as the people involved are truly passionate about our business and have the right mindset to bring together the different parties involved — language companies, freelancers, tech and service providers. This year, I am honored to share responsibilities as program director for Together 2020 Milan with the current ELIA director, Diego Cresceri.

I also collaborate with several universities across Europe, a few companies and other national associations (ATRAE and ANETI, for example) that do a fantastic job in providing the tools, resources and people to make their members and the local industry grow and improve. I also work as a professor at a Spanish university, two online training platforms for translators and a few more side jobs. Did I mention I also play metal? Oh, yes, I did.

Do you have any social feeds of your own? Twitter handle, blog?
Yes! I am active on Twitter and Facebook as InsideLoc, as well as on LinkedIn. I try to share as much useful information as possible (mainly in English, Spanish and Italian) about good practices, events, training sessions and language facts. I have a healthy dose of fun using translation and languages on social media. I occasionally write as guest blogger for selected partner companies and have a nearly deprecated blog on personal growth too (Prismalize).

Why do you read MultiLingual?
I love the balanced approach MultiLingual has achieved over time. On one hand, it features in-depth articles about translation technology and trends, research and stats about our market; on the other hand, it also represents a reliable source of news. I also love the company and service provider listings, which is good ground for potential networking and collaborations if you play your cards wisely and come up with some interesting offers. The chance to see familiar names and colleagues across the contents in articles, news and interviews add up to the great value of MultiLingual. Therefore, thank you very much and keep up the good work!