Fourth International Summer School takes place in Antwerp

Participants at Fourth Internal Summer School in Antwerp

The fourth International Summer School in Translation Technology took place from September 2-6, 2019, at the Faculty of Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. The Faculty is part of KU Leuven University. The event was attended by 42 participants coming from 16 countries.

There were a variety of practical workshops the participants could choose from. Each day began with a guest lecture, after which the participants attended two practical workshops on a specialized topic such as terminology management, cloud-based translation tools, machine translation and post-editing, web and software localization. There was a mix of experienced speakers and trainers coming from both academia and the industry.

This year, the summer school kicked off with a group workshop called Localisation Fun, in which the participants were invited to discuss some localization challenges (translations of product names, slogans and taglines) and come up with a solution.

As technical communication tasks often overlap with those of translators and localizers, this year, organizers tried to build synergies between both worlds with the collaboration of Tekom BE. These workshops provided translators and localizers with strategies for interacting more effectively with technical communicators.