Game Global looks at culture, massive games and more

California at the Fairmont San Jose,

Game Global took place in California at the Fairmont San Jose, November 5-6, 2019. Presenters shared insights on topics such as breaking into the Chinese market, working with students, game company culture and applying machine translation to gaming.

A machine translation session November 5 recapped previous Game Global presentations on the topic, with truisms such as “know your data before committing to anything,” and “generic engines are actually not that bad.” This session continued the conversation with a discussion on taking machine translation from theory to reality.

In the panel discussion on culture November 6, longtime game localization expert Kate Edwards noted that working 100 hours a week “is not something to brag about.”

Edwards stated that one cultural shift currently happening in games is the move from Western ideals to Chinese ideals, which has caused challenges and has even caused games to be banned in other locales that take offense at China’s stance on certain topics. Edwards noted that “the default Western viewpoint” didn’t have polarizing geopolitical opinions on the South China Sea, for example. So if a film or game is prepared with the Chinese viewpoint of place in mind, “that is actually causing additional problems” once the game expands. And this is a bigger content challenge since China is now such a massive market for games.

A session on massive games November 6 was particularly popular. Virginia Boyero and Patrick Görtjes of Ubisoft shared insights on how their workflow and tools allows them to manage large amounts of translated strings with frequent updates.

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