Takeaways from the Argentinian CLINT event

CLINT 2019

Argentina is attempting to establish itself as a leader in the language services industry, providing resources, experience and technology to companies worldwide. Industry players say they have seen an increased interest in the region from international companies.

In 2018, the knowledge economy in Argentina was responsible for $6.4 billion of revenue and the creation of 1.2 million jobs. Based on the volume of business seen in the region, Translated in Argentina hosted the second Translation Industry Conference in Latin America (CLINT) September 14-15, 2019, in Cordoba, Argentina.

Translated in Argentina is the first nonprofit association of language service companies and professionals whose objective is to promote the local language industry, train resources, and build awareness to strengthen activity within the Argentinian business environment.

The organization focuses on bringing together localization industry stakeholders in an effort to further strengthen Argentina’s position as the go-to place for into-Spanish language services; providing training to member companies and industry players in general; as well as seeking partnerships with government and industry associations all over the world.

CLINT 2019, an event unique in scale and prestige for the region, brought together 280 industry players such as company owners, project and account managers, translators, students and government officials from Argentina, Spain, the UK, Sweden, the United States, Peru, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil.

The top five takeaways were:

    1. Change continues to happen at a rapid pace within the industry, and therefore being agile and adaptable are hugely important.
    2. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is in times of disruption that the most brilliant opportunities arise.
    3. Technology should empower and not overpower us.
    4. Women in the workplace directly impact the growth of the global economy. Help bridge the pay gap by promoting opportunities for women, mentoring, sponsoring and promoting cultural shifts in work environments.
    5. Find your tribe. Surround yourself with the right people to succeed.