Jonckers announces Amazing Insights video series on the use of AI in global business

Jonckers, a global leader in language platform technology and multilingual solutions, is launching a new video series titled Amazing Insights. The CEO of Jonckers, Silke Zschweigert, will be conducting 10 to 15-minute-long interviews with thought leaders from various industries – including retail, IT, data consulting, and electronics – to hear their insights on artificial intelligence and its applications in international business today. The interviewees include executives from global organizations such as Comestri, eCargo, and Samsung.

The interviews will shine a spotlight on eCommerce specifically, as the eCommerce landscape has undergone a digital transformation in recent years unparalleled in other industries, with AI being used to solve many different pain points eCommerce leaders often face. The video series will help eCommerce companies to identify areas of business in which they can implement AI to speed up new market entry, increase sales, address fulfilment issues, optimize their supply chain, and more.

The first video in the series sees Silke interview Daryl D’Cruz, the founder and director of data consultancy, Hexdon, and former European Head of Data Innovation at Samsung. This interview can be viewed here.

Jonckers’ proprietary AI-powered translation platform, WordsOnline, was specifically designed for eCommerce content. Online retailers often struggle with high volumes of highly-visible content, including product descriptions, marketing materials, and website collateral, all of which needs to be available in the local language of all markets the retailer trades in. WordsOnline follows a machine translation post-editing model, combining machine translation with Jonckers’ pool of expertly-trained linguists. This fusion offers the agility and speed of AI, with the quality and authenticity of the human eye. The automated workflows reduce costs and speed up translation turnaround times.

One of Jonckers most prominent eCommerce customers is Amazon. With the help of WordsOnline, Jonckers is able to translate more than 150 million words per year, meeting tight deadlines that are sometimes a mere matter of weeks. This case study explores Jonckers work with Amazon in more detail, specifically looking at how WordsOnline solves Amazon’s translation challenges.

Viewers can watch all episodes in the ‘Amazing Insights’ series via the WordsOnline YouTube channel.

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