Language I/O Names Sheridan Orr Chief Marketing Officer Amid Rapid Growth

Language I/O, a leader in real-time, business-accurate translation technology, today announced the appointment of Sheridan Orr to Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Orr, who’s based in North Carolina, previously served as a Managing Partner at The GTM Collective and was the CMO of Built In for over three years. 

“Language I/O has the most innovative and secure approach to leveraging AI to connect companies and their customers across language barriers,” said Orr. “I look forward to working with the team to grow the brand and expand the business.”

Orr’s appointment adds to an exciting year for the company, with its $8M Series A1 round in August, led by the Wyoming Venture Capital (WYVC) Fund, making Language I/O the first company invested in by Wyoming Venture Capital (WYVC). The new funds have supported growth across the organization, including the machine learning team, which newly-appointed Daniel Bernazzani now leads as Machine Learning Architect, where he will be driving the company’s Large Language Mode (LLM) strategy.

“2023 marked a pivotal moment of expansion and visibility for Language I/O,” said Heather Shoemaker, founder and CEO at Language I/O. “With an amplified global marketing presence under Sheridan’s leadership, paired with Daniel spearheading our ambitious LLM strategy, we are thrilled about the transformative potential of our 2024 roadmap to reshape how organizations connect across languages and geographies.”

In addition, Language I/O recently unveiled new products. First, they’ve included support for the Salesforce Messaging version of Salesforce Service Cloud within the Language I/O translation apps for Salesforce. Secondly, they’ve integrated a Zero Data Retention version of the Google PaLM LLM into the Smart Model Selection component of their Language AI platform.

Messaging, an existing Salesforce product that supports Social Messaging channels like WhatsApp, SMS and Facebook, has been expanded to support Salesforce’s new Enhanced Messaging interface and the new InApp and Web Messaging channels. Users can now leverage Messaging to communicate seamlessly with customers across multiple channels, providing a more unified and personalized customer experience.

The addition of Google’s PaLM to Language I/O’s Smart Model Selection provides customers with the capability to harness the unique strengths of LLMs for use cases where they outperform traditional, neural machine translation engines. Additionally, API users can tap into LLM technology to optimize translations. The company’s Language AI platform provides their customers with context-aware translation, Zero Data Retention security and streamlines onboarding for new support agents.

“At Language I/O, we are driven by customer feedback and we prioritize our product updates to align with our customer’s evolving needs,” continued Shoemaker. “Our recent Google PaLM and Salesforce Messaging updates exemplify this, addressing specific customer pain points and enhancing the overall user experience from start to finish.”

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