Large Language Models, New Industry Use Cases, and Responsible AI Round Out the Main Themes for the 2022 NLP Summit

LEWES, Del., Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — John Snow Labs, the healthcare AI and NLP company and developer of the Spark NLP library, today announced the agenda for its annual NLP Summit, taking place virtually October 4-6. The free community event will explore natural language processing (NLP) best practices, case studies, and technological advances in the field. Last year’s event attracted more than 10,000 attendees, making the third annual summit the world’s largest on the topic of applied NLP.

The event will be broken down into three full days dedicated to open source, healthcare, and applications. While this year’s program covers many growth areas of NLP, three major themes have emerged: large language models, new industry use cases, and responsible AI practices. Presented by leading experts from the healthcare, finance, legal, public sector, retail industries, and more, this year’s keynotes include sessions from:

  • David Talby, Veysel Kocaman, and Jose Juan Martinez, John Snow Labs
  • Sanchit Gandhi and Suraj Patil, Hugging Face
  • Stella Biderman, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Barret Zoph, Liam Fedus, and Joel Lehman, OpenAI
  • Omri Allouche,
  • Robbie Freeman, Mount Sinai Health System
  • Vishakha Sharma, Roche
  • Yishay Carmiel, Meaning
  • Gary Kazantsev, Bloomberg
  • Maarten Grootendorst, Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland
  • Olivia Liao, Stitch Fix

“2022 has been a landmark year for AI and NLP, raising questions around ethics, openness, and accessibility to those without traditional data science expertise,” said David Talby, CTO, John Snow Labs. “Through representation from different industries, geographies, and affiliations, the NLP Summit is the premier venue for knowledge sharing by world leaders in the applied NLP space.”

New this year, the NLP Summit will dedicate an increasing number of sessions to the financial and legal industries. While the emphasis on healthcare applications will remain, the growing demand and use cases for finance and legal are significant, and the event program reflects that. Case studies, such as automating legal document extraction and review, automating invoices in compliance, and even using social media to determine one’s credit score, are topics that will be covered at the summit.

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John Snow Labs, the AI and NLP for healthcare company, provides state-of-the-art software, models, and data to help healthcare and life science organizations put AI to good use. Developer of Spark NLP, the world’s most widely used NLP library in the enterprise, John Snow Labs’ award-winning clinical NLP software powers leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies including Kaiser Permanente, McKesson, Merck, and Roche. The company is the creator and host of The NLP Summit, further educating and advancing the NLP community.

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