Local San Diego Company Offers Free Language Services To Aid Ukrainians

With the attacks unfolding on the country and people of Ukraine over the past weeks, Interpreters Unlimited (IU) wanted to do something to help with the aid efforts. As a Language Service Provider, contracting with many Ukrainian linguists, IU feels close to the situation and is deeply saddened by the tragedies that are unfolding day after day. After careful consideration, the company has decided to do what they do best and offer language services.

IU is putting a call out to offer language service assistance at no charge to Ukrainians who are in extreme and urgent need, who are currently in danger, and for connecting families who have been separated and need immediate communication. They are looking to connect with those who are involved in supporting relief efforts and helping with humanitarian aid to pinpoint the Ukrainians who need the most help.

With over 2 million Ukrainian refugees fleeing to safety to date, and so many more still in danger, IU is hoping to link up with companies or individuals who are close to the crisis and may have a direct line of contact with those who have the greatest need.

IU was established with the mission to provide language services wherever language creates a barrier to effective communication. For the people of Ukraine, navigating this crisis is difficult enough already, so IU wants to help make sure that communication does not create another obstacle for them. A language barrier can not only make any challenging situation worse, but in this case, it is of utmost importance as it can be a matter of life or death.

The company encourages anyone who knows of any Ukrainian affected by the current crisis, who has an urgent or extreme need for interpretation, to contact them right away. They also hope that word can spread along to anyone who may have a connection to or involvement in aid efforts. IU Vice President Shamus Sayed said, “We stand alongside our colleagues around the world.  This is an opportunity to do our part.”

If you are interested in assisting, are currently involved in Ukrainian relief efforts, or can connect IU with those Ukrainians in critical need of languages services please contact them via www.interpreters.com or email yourteam@interpreters.com.

About Interpreters Unlimited, Inc.

The IU Group of companies include: Interpreters Unlimited, Accessible Communication for the Deaf, Albors & Alnet, Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators, and IU GlobeLink, LLC, and are headquartered in San Diego, California as a minority-owned company.  IU Group is committed to providing equal opportunity in the work environment with its diverse team to aid in supplying linguistic and cultural interpretation services to clients. A combined 70 years in the industry has demonstrated a surplus of leadership and best practices, which has helped establish its respected role in the language services community. Its services include interpretation, document translation and non-emergency medical transportation.

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