Localazy launches a collaborative translation memory to fight the climate emergency through localization

The platform aims to populate a sustainability-related term repository in +90 languages and asks for help from translators and localizers over the world.

The Czech company considers it “a pilot project” for future endeavors aligned with the UN’s SDG goals, like clean water and quality education.


Brno, September 5

Communication barriers are at the root of many of the problems concerning sustainable development. Localazy, the Czech localization platform that aims to connect 1 billion people worldwide through the power of language, has just launched their own shared translation memory for all climate action-related causes to facilitate these relationships.

The Climate Strings Initiative, aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals program, aims to connect translators, localizers and linguists all over the world to populate an open-sourced repository of sustainability-related strings in +90 languages.

The repository, which is currently available on GitHub, is open for developers, researchers and startups to use in their own initiatives against climate change. The goal is to overcome language barriers in the fight against the climate emergency all over the world, as well as providing valuable linguistic resources to countries with lower purchase power parity, making sustainability more accessible everywhere.

Localazy is inviting native speakers and linguists to join this non-profit initiative in an effort to democratize access to sustainability resources. This could yield benefits for businesses and nature alike, as Jakub Dubec, Localazy’s CMO, explains. “The real impact the initiative might have in the short term is improved access to research results and software tools. For example, innovative tech startups can expand faster to various regions and provide their solutions in the native language of their users if they have access to a well-built term repository. This has proven to improve end-user experience and increase return on investment, as the tools can be utilized by more customers”.

Although experts from every country are welcomed, a special focus is being directed towards African dialects and languages (like Masai, Hausa, Swahili or Tiv), as resources in these tongues are scarce compared to well-known Western languages. The repository includes +40 entries exclusively devoted to African linguistic variations, as well as different forms of Arabic, Asian and Slavic tongues and mainstream languages like English, Spanish, French, German or Chinese.

The project can currently be accessed on GitHub. Registration is completely free and open to everyone who might want to contribute. More information is available on https://localazy.com/term/climate-research/.

Empowering changemakers everywhere

This is one of the first initiatives designed by Localazy to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The final goal is to empower changemakers worldwide to effect change in other areas like education, health, social injustice or animal welfare through the power of language and communication.

As Dubec puts, the Climate Strings Initiative is, in the mid-term, “merely a pilot project to support other SDGs propelled by the United Nations”. In fact, Localazy is already working on a series of additional climate-related projects, including an initiative to promote localization as an inexpensive, scalable and impactful solution in the agricultural sphere.

The localization platform also runs on an infrastructure in one of Europe’s most energy & water consumption efficient datacentres, Scaleway’s DC5. Their fully remote team serves a range of net-positive companies who care about reaching their sustainability goals, as well as community projects of different kinds that can warmly get their support at https://localazy.com/for/nonprofit/.

About Localazy

Localazy is a software localization startup founded in the Czech Republic in 2020. It provides easy l10n and i18n solutions for businesses of all sizes and global communities, including machine translation, multilingual marketing tools and quality assurance services. The company started serving customers three years ago, featuring automation and a clear design to streamline multilingual processes. It currently operates in North and South America, Africa and Asia in addition to Europe, and relies on an expert international team with professionals from Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland or Spain.

Some of the famous brands using Localazy are your favorite banks and automotive manufacturers, as well as innovators of all kinds such as ROUVY and social enterprise platforms all over the world like Plastic Bank, Donar Online or CARE. Localazy’s localization software has nearly impacted 500M people globally. If you drive a car with a display, use a banking app, buy medicine or collect plastic trash in the Philippines, there’s a chance you probably already benefit from Localazy.

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