Localipsum enters the translation market ready to innovate

Sacramento, CA — December 13, 2022 — Localipsum launches today with an innovative approach to multilingual translation. Led by a small and mighty multi-national team, Localipsum uses a unique understanding of local context, culture, and behavior to provide translation services that allow clients to tell their stories in the most relevant and authentic way possible.

Localipsum’s strengths lie in forming strategic alliances and in being extremely flexible in creating solutions for their clients: “Our goal is to work with change makers and innovators like ourselves — we had fun with the creation of our website, we wanted it to serve as an example of our people-first approach and attract the audience we are actively seeking to work with,” said Monica Nainsztein, Chief Troublemaker and founder, “we bring ‘competitors’ to the table every chance we get, we ideate solutions and services that have not existed in the market before, just ask us about interpretraining when you get a chance,” invited Nainsztein.

Localipsum works with clients from the moment a concept is created – or, from the get-go, on the concepting phase itself – to effectively reach the non-English speaking audience. “We believe in establishing true partnerships and taking the time to understand a client’s goals and business priorities” commented Franco Lamagni, Director of Operations, and the guiding force in bringing Localipsum’s website to fruition, “we want to understand their community and culture to ensure the delivery of high-impact results time and time again.” Beyond that strong background in creative concepting for political campaigns and Hollywood blockbusters, Localipsum is also exceptional at legalese and HR and is the preferred vendor of the California Chamber of Commerce.


Localipsum is a people-first language agency that makes communicating painless. We combine our expertise, passion, and creativity to help businesses of all sizes break through language barriers and connect with people around the world. Their services include translation, localization, transcreation, and tech localization.

Based in Sacramento, California, Localipsum is an international team that has worked with reputable clients across several industries like Oxford University Press, National Institutes of Health, Uber, UC Davis, and more, helping them achieve their business objectives while building relationships with customers all around the world.





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