Diego Cresceri

CEO at Creative Words

CEO, Educator, Founder, Volunteer
Genova, Italy

Being featured in MultiLingual magazine as an influencer in the localization industry is an incredible honor.

Since I founded Creative Words and started my second life in the localization industry, I have been actively involved in various volunteer initiatives, including serving on the board of the European Language Industry Association (ELIA) for five years. This experience has allowed me to contribute to the strategic direction of the association and advocate for the advancement of the localization industry at a broader level.

Furthermore, I have been invited to speak at numerous events on language, language technology, and artificial intelligence, where I have shared my insights and expertise with industry professionals and enthusiasts. I am particularly proud of my teaching engagement with different universities and my contributions to help disseminate knowledge and best practices, furthering the growth of the localization field and connecting the academic and business worlds.

Having built a free-to-use platform for aspiring translators globally, which has helped more than 3,000 students enter the industry, fulfills the same vision. The e-learning course has been instrumental in nurturing the next generation of localization professionals and, I am hoping, had a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

One of my biggest professional achievements has been the introduction of the short work week model at Creative Words, making it among the first in the language industry to adopt this innovative approach. This pioneering effort has not only enhanced the work-life balance of employees, but also set a precedent for progressive work practices in the industry.

I owe this recognition mostly to the people I work with, who support me every day and have joined my mission of driving positive change and innovation in the language field — and I reckon, I am probably not the easiest person to work with!

This opportunity fuels my determination to inspire the next generation of localization leaders and to further elevate the standards of excellence in language services. I am now even more motivated to double my efforts, embrace new challenges, and remain dedicated to driving positive change in the dynamic world of localization.



Diego is a great leader helping the younger generation step into the industry.

Diego’s expertise in the localization industry pairs with his incredible communication skills, his hands-on approach, and his problem-solving mindset.


By Stefan Huyghe

Diego has been a tireless advocate for the localization community. Not only does he provide constant value, but he also is one of the kindest human beings in the language industry. Fiercely loyal and genuine — if anyone deserves to be on the list, it is Diego.


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