Diego Perez

Freelance Localization Specialist

Content Creator, Educator

São Paulo, Brazil

Being voted into MultiLingual magazine’s influencer issue is a beacon on a long, tentative, unbeaten path. Video game localization is a relatively new specialization in Brazil. There are no books or courses by 20-year-experienced Brazilian game translators, which can complicate things.

My career was in its seventh year when I left the shadows of agency work to try my luck with LinkedIn posting. I had been credited in major video games, like Final Fantasy VII: Remake, but my actual skills were unproven. I was inspired by Melisa Palferro’s #LinkedIn30 challenge in late 2021, where translators gathered to write daily posts about their expertise and support each other. I found a voice, consistency, and my audience’s preferences. Marina Ilari was one of the few people championing game localization, and her stellar content sparked a wide range of topics I would explore in my own style. As I shared knowledge, dream opportunities came along: better work with direct clients, podcast invitations, and blog writing gigs. I looked to Kelsey Frick’s mental health advice to strike a work-life balance, saving my best work for a select few clients.

Last year, I built a comprehensive game localization course for TranslaStars. I also started offering free 30-minute calls to game translators and created a mentorship program for career advice. In December, I published an extensive article through game localization agency Wordfoxes, detailing how to break into the industry. The article has already helped many beginning translators and was recently translated into Spanish. I’m currently working on the localization of Kenshi 2 — translating, self-editing, and testing the game’s entire content. The unique work conditions at the studio have inspired me to push the boundaries of what great localization means specifically in Brazilian Portuguese.

As I tread the uncertain path of video game localization, the nomination to MultiLingual is both reassuring and encouraging. I hope the increased visibility will make my content reach more translators who need help.



His level of dedication and knowledge on all things language is truly top notch.

With impressive narrative and pedagogical skills, Diego is the kind of professional anybody would love to have on their team.


By Tucker Johnson

A true “Game Localization Wizard,” Diego wields his magic as an advocate for translators. With extensive knowledge around adapting narrative-driven content for the 85 million Portuguese-speaking gamers in Brazil, he unlocks cultural expertise in this key market. By empowering translators with the tools and training to advance their careers, Diego has established himself as an influential connector between content creators and linguistically diverse audiences.


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