István Lengyel

CEO at BeLazy

CEO, Consultant, Founder

Sitges, Spain

Those who know me well know that I like to question everything. I’m not sure what my personal motivation for that is, but nothing is taken for granted. Because of this, I never felt myself to be in the mainstream or to be an influencer. When I studied economics, I was much more into translation. When I studied translation, I applied my knowledge in economics. And when I started working, I became a technologist, which draws on my childhood programming experience.

This questioning is what turned me into a serial entrepreneur, creating probably the first email-robot automated translation company ( in 2001, the first translation environment focused on collaborative translation (memoQ) in 2004, and the first metadata-based supply chain automation platform (BeLazy) in 2019. I tried to be an employee a few times in my life, but most of the time I was either let go or people were relieved my time was over. But this non-conformist approach helped transform teams and businesses.

I was a child in the 1980s. I belong to the generation for which a print publication is something with a weight. And now I am questioning why I have the honor to be featured in this magazine, and who could have voted for me and why. It feels good, though, to know that I had a positive impact on at least a few people. I hope they will reach out and tell me how I contributed to their success or well-being. I have always had a hard time seeing my impact and I don’t read people very well, but feeling that people resonate fills my heart with joy.

I am very thankful to all the early adopters of innovation and to those people who have supported and challenged me, because challenging is caring. I am thankful to everyone who thinks logically rather than follows trends. I’m not in this for money or power, but for learning and solving the puzzles. In the solitary world of remote work and generated texts, I strive to remain a person and work for the benefit of other people.



With diligence and professionalism, István transformed his start-up company into a flourishing international enterprise.

His grasp of a situation and readiness to give his time and effort are most revealing of a personality with experience and knowledge that is hard to beat.


By Allison Ferch

István has seen all sides of this industry and has played almost every role — from translator to project manager, to software engineer, to CEO. He is brilliant, of course, and he’s also good-natured. People want to listen to István because he knows his subject matter and matches it with kindness and patience. On top of that, he has an incredible work ethic, is well-rounded, and has a terrific sense of humor. At GALA, we jump at any chance we get to work with István.


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