Loek van Kooten

Translator at Akebono Translation Service

Consultant, Educator

Leiden, The Netherlands

Being included in this special issue of MultiLingual magazine is an extraordinary honor that holds great personal and professional significance for me. This recognition is not just a testament to my work, but also a celebration of the journey and the inspirations that have shaped my career.

Professionally, I have dedicated over two decades to the fields of translation and language technology. My work ranges from translating video games to developing Cattitude, an advanced computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool. The creation of Cattitude is a pivotal achievement, reflecting my commitment to enhancing the translation process through innovative technology. It’s a tool that embodies my belief in continuous learning and adaptation in our ever-evolving digital world.

My career has also been marked by a strong commitment to Japanese language education, evidenced by my role in teaching and managing a language school. This endeavor is not just about imparting knowledge but about bridging cultural and linguistic gaps.

On a personal level, this recognition resonates deeply as it aligns with my core values and passions. The inspiration from figures like Emilio Benito, the creator of DVX, and legendary translators like Bill Lise, Jason Franzman, and Manako Ihaya has been instrumental. Their contributions to the translation field and their dedication to excellence have been a guiding light in my journey.

Their examples have taught me that translation is not merely a profession but an art that requires deep understanding, cultural sensitivity, and a passion for languages. This ethos has been central to my work, whether in translating complex game narratives or in teaching the nuances of the Japanese language to eager learners.

In conclusion, being featured in MultiLingual magazine is not just a professional accolade; it’s a reflection of a lifelong journey in the world of languages. It underscores the importance of innovation, dedication, and inspiration in our field. It’s a reminder that our work as translators and language professionals is vital in connecting people, cultures, and ideas in our increasingly globalized world.



Loek is a positive force for multilingual good. Not afraid to give a strong opinion, but always with reasoning and respect. Thought leader and educator, aristocrat of accents, and marquis of mischief.

Loek is a true polyglot, hardcore translator, and software developer. Too much talent for a single lifetime!

Loek is always critical of what goes on in the world of translation, telling it like it is and sharing the thoughts of many while fighting the establishment.

Loek-sensei is a great inspiration and never cranky.


By Emal Ghamsharick 

The word “genius” doesn’t do justice to Loek. Not only is he a successful games translator for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, but he also built his own cloud CAT tool from scratch, with features that the big enterprise TMSs won’t have in the next decade.


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