Lucio Bagnulo

Head of Translation and Language Strategy at Amnesty International

Team Leader, Volunteer

Madrid, Spain

Being named one of the top influencers in MultiLingual magazine is more than an honor — it’s a testament to the power of language in connecting and empowering people globally. This recognition highlights the pivotal role of localization in NGOs, especially in an organization committed to defending human rights worldwide. In 2023, we translated nearly 8.5 million words across 110 language combinations, marking a significant 22% increase from 2022. This achievement reflects our collective commitment to using multilingualism as a tool for internal democracy and enhancing public engagement at Amnesty International.

This year, as I celebrate my 10th anniversary at Amnesty, I’m reflecting on the path that led me to head the translation and language strategy department of the world’s largest grassroots human rights organization. It’s a journey fuelled by deep passion and relentless hard work. The success I enjoy is deeply rooted in the people I work with: my team and the broader network of professionals dedicated to our cause. No matter the challenge, our collective effort and focus on our end goal have been the driving force behind our success. Looking at my fellow professionals on this list, I’m reminded that we each play a crucial role in changing the world through strategic multilingualism. Their achievements inspire me, and I am proud to stand amongst them. To be included in this special issue of MultiLingual magazine is not just a personal achievement but a celebration of the impact we have when we break down language barriers and unite in our diversity. This recognition is for my team, my colleagues, and everyone who believes in the transformative power of language in advancing human rights.



Lucio has significantly shaped the international language sphere in the active pursuit of language rights.

Lucio has made significant contributions to the field of translation and language strategy, particularly in the context of human rights. Lucio’s leadership skills and professional accomplishments are noteworthy.

Lucio has achieved a remarkable level of inside knowledge of the industry, never ceasing to make the most of each opportunity, including his involvement in an array of renowned industry events.

Lucio is passionate and very dedicated to his job. He knows that human rights need to be constantly advocated for, and without good communication, it would be impossible to carry on in this fight.


By Melissa Biggs

Lucio is one of the leading practitioners and language visionaries in the NGO/nonprofit sector. His laser focus on multilingualism and merging accessibility, diversity, culture, language, and technologies into a cohesive and forward-thinking whole is on the leading edge of organizational multilingual use. Lucio is an advocate and eloquent spokesperson through his leadership roles with Amnesty, Global Coalition for Language Rights (GCLR), and LIND Language Industry Expert Group, as well as keynotes with EU and localization forums.


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