Marco Trombetti

CEO at Translated

Author, CEO, Founder

Rome, Italy

am an incurable optimist, always in love with big ideas. I found myself deeply fascinated by solving the translation problem when I met my future wife, Isabelle Andrieu, a linguist. We founded Translated 25 years ago, driven by the belief that enabling universal understanding is crucial for humanity. This is one of those difficult jobs: beyond what we think we’re capable of, but potentially feasible in our lifetime. I envision a world enriched by translation, where ideas and people move freely, fostering unity and freedom.

I believe in the beauty and strength of diversity, and I strive for inspiration from every person I meet. One of the people who inspired me the most was Adriano Olivetti, who first brought technology and design together. His human-centered approach, urge to contribute to the community, and pioneering spirit have been key to building Translated. Another person who has significantly influenced my technical and entrepreneurial journey has been Paul Graham, with his customer-first philosophy, commitment to building a knowledgeable and resource-sharing community, and insights into global vision. Inspired by Paul and with the profits from my companies, I co-founded Pi Campus, a seed-stage fund to support young entrepreneurs in their journey.

My motto is: to create an amazing world, give more than you take. This is highlighted on the back cover of The New Prince: Why and How to Startup, a collection of essays I wrote about the counterintuitive lessons I’ve learned from building startups in the hope of encouraging young entrepreneurs to do great things that help improve their communities and our little world.

I welcome seemingly impossible challenges and see naivety and the underestimation of problems as strengths. I love brave clients who challenge us to do things no one has ever done before. Believing in people also means knowing that working with people who have the courage to push their limits, see opportunities where others see problems, and strive to overcome them can lead to unexpected success.

To demonstrate the power of this approach, I recently decided to compete in the Ocean Globe Race, the most human-centered and one of the most adventurous regattas ever, with limited use of technology. Despite being new to sailing and struggling with seasickness, I am proud to be part of the crew that is leading the race against all odds, proving that with the right team, courage, and resilience, the impossible is possible.



Visionary and approachable — an industry leader.

Marco is an innovator — always looking to find out and deliver the best solutions to market needs.

Clever, solution-oriented, and friendly. He also has a good sense of humor.


By Jose Palomares

I have found that Marco is a superb combination of language skills, business acumen, and strategic thinking. While many of us are reactive, Marco’s vision is months or years ahead. He may not have all the answers, but he seems to know what questions to ask and have some ideas on how to keep going forward. Whenever we meet and I have a chance to pick his brain on innovation or the future, I end up smiling, inspired, and a bit jealous of how talented he is.


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