Marta Castello

Innovation Manager at Creative Words

Team Leader, Volunteer

Genova, Italy

Being nominated for MultiLingual magazine’s Influencer list was mind-blowing, especially as a recent newcomer to the industry. This recognition highlights, indeed, the impact of new approaches in promoting multilingualism and intercultural understanding and witnesses the commitment to finding innovative and out-of-the-box solutions in the language industry.

Professionally speaking, it clearly reflects the success of the innovative initiatives and strategies implemented by Creative Words through the Innovation Lab. From integrating cutting-edge technology standard workflows to promoting innovative ways of delivering both pre-existing and new services, this all does indeed motivate me to push the boundaries even further and explore creative solutions in this ever-changing landscape. Huge thanks to my colleagues at Creative Words, especially my team, the Innovation Lab, and of course Diego and Dana for their constant support and guidance.

Being included in the influencer list is not only a recognition of my individual efforts, but also a demonstration of the power of fresh thinking to promote positive change. I am genuinely excited to see what will come next and strongly committed to keeping up the innovative thinking.



I cannot recommend Marta enough.

Marta’s passion is outstanding. Her fight for the recognition of the value of a real human approach in an AI-ruled world is unparalleled.


By Diego Cresceri

Marta’s role at Creative Words has established her as a leader in the field of language technology. Her guidance of the Innovation Lab underscores her commitment to advancing technological integration in the language industry, and her involvement with the ASTM International committee to develop standards for AI-processed content highlights her dedication to shaping the future of the industry. Her leadership skills extend beyond technical prowess, as she is recognized as a great team player. Her reputation as an amazing innovator is well-earned.


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