Mary Jayne McCullough

CEO at Global Wordsmiths

CEO, Consultant, Educator, Founder

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

I’m so grateful for this recognition, especially since it is an opportunity to use whatever influence I may have to advance a culture of language accessibility. I’ve spent about 20 years attempting to expose and repair the inequities that exist in the US when people who don’t communicate in English are unable to access services, information, and resources because of inadequate language assistance. I believe that a lack of general awareness of the meaning and importance of language access has been one of the major systemic issues at play, so it is especially meaningful to me to see that language equity is resonating with so many people.

It’s an exciting time to do this work. I see progress everywhere. People are advocating for language access and policymakers are paying attention. We still have a long way to go, but we have momentum and more tools than ever being used to transform dangerous inequities into a culture of participation, representation, and improved outcomes for everyone using language. I’m inspired by the transformative work happening all around me. It’s such a privilege to be a part of that, and to be recognized for my small role. I’m grateful to MultiLingual magazine for this platform, and to everyone who elevated me to the level of “influencer.” Thank you!



Mary Jayne has been key to developing programs for language accessibility specifically tailored to organizations like settlement agencies serving refugees and immigrants.

Mary Jayne is deeply rooted in the community here in Pittsburgh. In addition to sitting on several local boards, she also teaches Global Communication and Applied Translation at Carnegie Mellon University.

Mary Jayne has built a fantastic company that serves so many linguistic needs in the community.

Mary Jayne is truly making sure that language access is treated as a civil right!

Mary Jayne steers non-English speakers toward total inclusivity in US society using her superb leadership.


By Anonymous at Global Wordsmiths

Mary Jayne put “language access” on the map. She has been quietly advocating for language access for 20 years. She founded our company about seven years ago as a social enterprise that uses profits to do social impact work and provides pro bono services for nonprofits. She is also a professor of translation and works as a consultant with governments to build language access infrastructure. She is a humble and self-aware leader whose motto is that you can make money and change the world.


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