Mugais Jahangir

Head of the Americas Region at memoQ

Business Developer, Team Leader

Toronto, Canada

After living in three continents and exploring various sectors, I found my place in the localization industry about five years ago. To have come this far and be featured in this special issue of MultiLingual magazine is a profound honor for me. Working across different cultures allowed me to appreciate the importance of the work that localization professionals have been doing. I was able to contribute to the technology side of the industry and the significant impact it brings to many critical aspects of society. I must also mention that as someone who was new to the industry and is now leading the Americas region, my colleagues at memoQ, many of them industry veterans, have been instrumental in my growth.

Being at the center of the continuous evolution of technology at memoQ, I find great satisfaction in contributing to the growing influence of localization in our globalized society. This experience has shaped my professional development and deepened my awareness of the critical role language plays in establishing meaningful connections across borders.

I believe it is an exciting time to work in the localization sector as AI is bringing forth a new wave of technological advancements. As I oversee memoQ’s endeavors across the Americas, I have had the pleasure of witnessing the cooperative efforts of localization experts and the nurturing environment that accompanies it. I’m eager to see what the future holds, and I look forward to further contributing to it.



Mugais is an inspiring leader — a calm and composed person with a sort of kind approach that’s rare to see.

Mugais is paving the way to a new era in localization in the Americas. 

Mugais has created the perfect immigrant story. Being a leader in three continents, he has inspired me to explore the world without fear and leverage the cultural differences to learn about and connect with people.


By Laurent Smith

Mugais moved to Canada in 2019, joined memoQ in 2020 leading enterprise sales for the Americas, and eventually took over as the regional head of the North/South America market. Mugais comes from a background of a difficult life in the valley of Kashmir, a war-torn region in South Asia. Being able to immigrate to the UK and then eventually to Canada, and then leading the memoQ Americas team, Mugais has shown incredible resilience in the face of adversity. His leadership is exemplified in the way he is leading his team and taking memoQ amongst the leaders of the TMS market.


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