Natalia Tkachenko-Horbachevska

CEO at Task Force

CEO, Founder, Volunteer

Warsaw, Poland

Being included in the special issue of MultiLingual magazine is a profound honor that resonates deeply with both my personal and professional journey. This recognition is not just for me, but for my entire team at Task Force, a Ukrainian-rooted international linguistic services company. Our evolution from a local to an internationally recognized company is a testament to our commitment to excellence in linguistic services. Leading my company on this journey is what I see as my biggest professional achievement.

It’s been a remarkable journey, expanding from our US offices to adding an office in Poland, all thanks to the strong support of our business service hub in Ukraine. This expansion has allowed us to secure new international clients, diversify our services, and bring the best of Ukrainian linguistic expertise to the global stage. Our growth is a narrative of resilience and adaptability, showcasing how we can positively impact the linguistic services market both locally and internationally, while simultaneously fighting for the victory of Ukraine, the home country of many of our team members.

On a personal level, I am proud of myself for being able to remain a good enough mom for my two children while building an international company. This challenge, where I am grateful to my husband for all his support and to my team, is a significant part of my journey. I am immensely grateful to everyone who voted for me, affirming their belief in our vision and efforts.

This recognition is also a nod to those who have inspired me along the way. My personal credits go to Renato Beninatto, Jochen Hummel, Konstantin Dranch, and Indrė Lelevičienė — our talks and our friendship have been pivotal in shaping my approach to business and leadership.

Thank you to MultiLingual magazine and to all who have supported and believed in our mission.



Natalia actively participates in UN events and is a strong supporter of sustainable development.

Natalia is doing unbelievable things and successfully developing business in extremely hard circumstances during the war.


By Valentyna Tytenko

Natalia is a dynamic leader in the language services industry, steering Task Force to remarkable heights. Her proactive and strategic approach was particularly evident when the war in Ukraine began. Natalia promptly adapted the company’s strategy, successfully expanding its international clientele and growing the team significantly.

Natalia’s influence extends beyond company management; she is an active voice in the industry, contributing her insights on AI at LocWorld. A staunch advocate for sustainable business practices, she firmly believes that the linguistic industry has a responsibility to act conscientiously for the betterment of our planet and future generations.


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