Nicolás Maximiliano Martín Fontana

Sales and Marketing Manager at Comunica Translations

Business Developer, Team Leader, Volunteer

Fuengirola, Spain

My journey in the translation industry began in 2011 at Lionbridge Poland. While working and studying simultaneously, my most significant achievement was graduating from Vistula University in 2016. For six years, I served as a localization tester, senior test engineer, and language lead for Lionbridge in Warsaw, Poland. Concurrently, I worked as a Visual Media Translator for the Latin America region for KVH Media. In 2016, a move to Jensen Localization as a business development manager was a big milestone.

In 2020, I joined Comunica Translations as a Sales and Vendor Manager, thanks to Tina Julsgaard. This role evolved into a Sales and Marketing Manager position in 2022. I’ve also held part-time and freelance roles, including Representation, Ambassadorship, and Business Development. Currently, I’m assisting Skrapling and KTLC in their promotion and development. Thank you, Maria and Anna.

In my spare time, I enjoy learning languages, writing, reading, walking, doing pilates, traveling, having a pint, watching movies and series, and testing and rating AI. All of these wouldn’t be possible without the support of my dear wife, Joanna, my friends, and my family. I also learned valuable lessons from working with difficult people and complex situations that helped me grow my patience and resilience. Thank you, Scrooges!

This inclusion in MultiLingual magazine is a recognition of my journey in the dynamic field of translation and localization. A journey that continues, fueled by the inspiration I draw from my colleagues, friends (too many to name here, but the next beer is on me, thank you for the vote), my passion for the field, the support of my loved ones, and the necessity to pay all debts and credits to the bank. Long live the translation family!



Nicolás is a very self-driven and passionate professional, always devoted to his work.

A really nice person. Introduced me to MultiLingual magazine and is always willing to give advice and tips on how to move around the translation business jungle.

Nicolás is one of the greatest guys I’ve come across in the translation industry. I’m always surprised at his willingness and ability to solve other people’s problems.

Nicolás is always curious about the new trends in the industry.


By Raul Bartolomé Gonzalo

Nicolás has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills throughout his tenure in the translation industry. What truly sets Nicolás apart is not just his professional accomplishments, but also his exceptional personal traits. He is a team player who fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment. His ability to lead by example, motivate his colleagues, and navigate challenges with resilience makes him a role model within the industry.


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