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Step Forward: Go MT-First With Confidence

Alessandro Cattelan
COO at Translated

Translated’s Human-in-the-Loop solution integrates the efficiency of machine translation (MT) with human reviews for unmatched translation reliability. Here, COO Alessandro Cattelan explains how it works.

What problem are you trying to solve?

“With MT now seemingly ready for publication, many companies are adopting MT-first processes for immediate content deployment. The convenience and speed of MT is too tempting to pass up. It’s not just a matter of reducing costs; instant translations also enable accelerated product development and market expansion. However, a challenge remains: ensuring that machine-generated translations are completely reliable.”

How do you increase the reliability of MT?

“Our Human-in-the-Loop solution enables enterprises to leverage a streamlined process for translating and publishing MT while ensuring a high-quality user experience. Our approach combines two key components: ModernMT, our MT solution that adapts to customer-specific styles and terminology, and a seamless review process that improves the accuracy of the client’s custom model in the background. We use an automated quality estimation tool to analyze content and then route any potentially problematic sections to a pool of highly skilled linguists. The content is then edited to the highest standards. The revisions are fed back into ModernMT, continuously increasing the accuracy of the translated content in a self-improving process.”

What are the key advantages for the client?

“First, Human-in-the-Loop turns what was traditionally a cost into an investment. Instead of spending money to fix inaccurate translations, clients can now invest smartly to improve their custom MT system and reduce costs over time. Second, clients now have access to a single, integrated system that combines MT with human review, eliminating the need for multiple platforms or manual intervention.

In addition, this approach drives value for the client. For example, Airbnb used Human-In-The-Loop to make every listing on their platform multilingual and to allow their hosts and guests to communicate in real time, regardless of the languages they speak. This multilingual expansion has had a significant impact on Airbnb’s revenue, helping make them the third-best globalized website in the world.”

About Alessandro Cattelan

Alessandro started his career in the language industry as a professional translator. His passion for technological innovation inspired him to dedicate his work to improving translation services through the development of AI-powered processes and products. In 2011, Alessandro was instrumental in the development of Matecat, a groundbreaking online-assisted translation tool that was a significant milestone in the field of translation technology. This achievement laid the groundwork for his subsequent contribution in 2014 to the launch of ModernMT, the first adaptive MT system, recently recognized as the world’s leading MT solution in the latest IDC MarketScape.

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