Translated Introduces Free Adaptive MT in Matecat to Increase Linguists’ Productivity

The update integrates ModernMT's adaptive neural machine translation (MT) model as the default MT engine, available for free to all logged-in Matecat users.

Step Forward: Go MT-First With Confidence

Translated’s Human-in-the-Loop solution integrates machine translation with human reviews for unmatched reliability. Here, COO Alessandro Cattelan explains how it works.

LEXIGO Appoints Julie El-Khoury as Community Engagement Officer to Strengthen Its Grassroots Connection with CALD Communities

In a strategic move to expand its focus on culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) community engagement, LEXIGO is pleased to announce the appointment of...

Translated levels up adaptive MT with expanded document context

The company's machine translation (MT) system now leverages up to 100,000 words of document content to provide translation suggestions, drastically reducing the time to...

Bringing 200 languages to ModernMT: A Q&A with Translated’s Marco Trombetti

MultiLingual recently caught up with the company’s CEO, Marco Trombetti, to learn a little bit more about what it took to increase the number of languages offered on ModernMT by nearly four times what it previously was.

Translated Named a Leader in IDC MarketScape for Machine Translation

Continuous innovation and a strong multidomain model are the strengths of Translated’s leadership, according to the IDC MarketScape. The IDC MarketScape highlighted  Translated’s role in developing an open-source technology called ModernMT over the course of two EU-funded research projects that started in 2010.

Translated Measured the Speed to Singularity in AI Using Trends in MT

During the AMTA annual conference in Orlando, Translated presented research that quantifies the speed at which we are approaching singularity in AI using...

Translated announces merger with ModernMT

Translated, a Rome, Italy-based language service provider (LSP), announced May 19 that it has finalized plans to merge with the machine translation (MT) provider ModernMT.