Translated Measured the Speed to Singularity in AI Using Trends in MT

  • During the AMTA annual conference in Orlando, Translated presented research that quantifies the speed at which we are approaching singularity in AI using data that outlines quality improvements in machine translation.
  • The company estimates about a tenfold increase in requests for professional translations and at least a 100 times increase in demand for MT.

ROME, December 20, 2022 – For the first time ever, Translated, the leading global language services provider and pioneer of AI-powered localization services, quantified the speed at which we are approaching singularity in artificial intelligence (AI) – the point in time at which AI will equal human intelligence. The discovery was made possible by analyzing 2 billion post-edits performed by thousands of professional translators over many years. Translated CEO Marco Trombetti recently shared the discovery with an audience of AI researchers and language industry leaders, demonstrating how close we are to reaching the singularity in translation. If the progress in machine translation (MT) quality continues at its current rate, within the next several years the highest-performing professional translators will spend the same amount of time correcting a translation produced by MT as they will correcting one completed by their peers

Translated estimates that reaching the singularity in translation will bring a tenfold increase in requests for professional translations. Additionally, it will increase the demand for MTs by 100 times. This estimate relies on the observation of the growing demand for translation in an increasingly global world and awareness of the evolving quality of MT, which enables the translation of more content while reducing costs. This increased momentum is directly connected to, and enabled by, the progress of AI-powered translation capabilities, recently highlighted by Gartner, a global technological research and consulting firm, which recognizes Translated as an industry leader.

Translated has developed the perfect symbiosis between professional translators and machine translation for over 20 years, starting with the first-ever open-source CAT tool, Matecat, and followed by ModernMT, an award-winning, patented, context-adaptive MT. This year, CEO Marco Trombetti was invited to give the opening keynote speech at both the top professional language service conference SlatorCon, and at the major annual conference on machine translation held by the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (AMTA) in Orlando. These invitations confirm Translated as a natural leader in the industry.

CEO Marco Trombetti said: “Our clients are doubling down on making their content available in more languages as they see the increased return on investment driven by this strategy. We foresee a future in which an increasing amount of new global business opportunities will emerge thanks to the progress in the symbiosis between professional translators and machine translation”.

Translated has always recognized and valued translators’ contribution to the evolution of MT. Ever since the company started using MT, it has been paying freelancers for both the words they translated and those processed by MT. This approach has resulted in an average increase of 25% in translator compensation. Additionally, those who embraced MT from the beginning have increased their revenue up to 400% within the last seven years.

About Translated

Translated is a leading international language services provider and pioneer of artificial intelligence to support professional translators. The company was established in 1999 by linguist Isabelle Andrieu and computer scientist Marco Trombetti to allow everyone to understand and be understood in their own language. In pursuit of its mission, Translated relies on a symbiotic combination of human creativity and machine intelligence, using 300,000+ vetted, native-speaking professional translators combined with an award-winning and patented context-adaptive machine translation engine, ModernMT. Translated provides fast, consistent, high-quality translations to 240,000+ clients in 200 languages and over 40 areas of expertise.

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