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Marco Trombetti

Marco Trombetti

"I envision a world enriched by translation, where ideas and people move freely, fostering unity and freedom."

Translated’s New MT Solution Delivers Real-Time Quality Improvements

Translated unveiled the first dynamic, adaptive MT system that enables enterprises to continually improve MT quality in real time through a unique symbiosis between humans and machines.

Translated Unveils MT Solution for Massive Content

Translated announced a new MT model called Hyper Adaptive, which enables companies to translate billions of words at ultra-fast speeds without compromising quality.

Translated levels up adaptive MT with expanded document context

The company's machine translation (MT) system now leverages up to 100,000 words of document content to provide translation suggestions, drastically reducing the time to...

Translated unleashes full GPT-4 potential for businesses operating in languages other...

Combining the power of Translated's state-of-the-art machine translation technology with OpenAI's latest language model, our new T-LM service empowers content creation and restructuring in 200 languages.

Bringing 200 languages to ModernMT: A Q&A with Translated’s Marco Trombetti

MultiLingual recently caught up with the company’s CEO, Marco Trombetti, to learn a little bit more about what it took to increase the number of languages offered on ModernMT by nearly four times what it previously was.

Localization leaders discuss ChatGPT’s potential impact on the industry at Custom.MT...

The online event featured panels with language industry experts on how localization professionals can integrate ChatGPT into their workflow and what the advent of this technology could mean for the industry as a whole.

Translated Named a Leader in IDC MarketScape for Machine Translation

Continuous innovation and a strong multidomain model are the strengths of Translated’s leadership, according to the IDC MarketScape. The IDC MarketScape highlighted  Translated’s role in developing an open-source technology called ModernMT over the course of two EU-funded research projects that started in 2010.

The future of branding (for LSPs)

The Dec. 6 edition of The New York Times was bought in its entirety by General Electric (GE) in a first-ever bid to rethink...

Translated 9 to participate in the Cape 2 Rio Race 2023

LSP Translated is preparing for an adventurous 2023 with the embarking of Translated 9, a ship whose crew will compete in the seafaring race Cape 2 Rio Race 2023.

Translated Measured the Speed to Singularity in AI Using Trends in...

During the AMTA annual conference in Orlando, Translated presented research that quantifies the speed at which we are approaching singularity in AI using...

Where to do Business Online — from now to 2025

The revamped T-Index platform offers a tool that reveals the languages and countries with the greatest potential across 200 different product categories. Is English losing...

“Lara” wins bronze at the New York Film Advertising Awards

“Lara” is the first film in Translated's history: it could be defined as a fully-fledged short film rather than just a commercial. The Italian...