ChatGPT Introduces Memory Feature for Enhanced Conversations

ChatGPT will now remember important details from past conversations, offering tailored responses and assistance in an effort to enhance the user's experience.

AI-Powered Speech Translation: Propelling Connectivity Beyond Borders

For many organizations, connecting with a global audience using limited resources can be challenging. But with AI speech translation, they can unlock new ways of communicating.

Fear or Fortune? How AI is Changing the Language Industry Forever

Crowdin believes the LSP of the future will have several AI assistants, one of which will likely be dedicated to translation tasks.

Google’s Bard Becomes Gemini and Unveils Ultra 1.0 and Mobile App...

Explore the evolution from Bard to Gemini, featuring Ultra 1.0 and a cutting-edge mobile app. Dive into advanced AI collaboration and enhanced mobile experiences today.

Babel Fish? Roblox enables real-time AI chat translation in 16 languages

Thanks to the platform's new AI chat translations, players from different linguistic backgrounds can communicate with each other in their native language seamlessly.

New Products From Samsung and Timekettle Make AI Simultaneous Interpretation Accessible

Samsung's latest smartphones will feature a “Live Translate” function, and Timekettle introduced a handheld device for meeting interpretation.