Translator and Interpreter Associations Warn Against Overly Relying on AI

A growing number of associations are taking a stand against relying too much on AI — most recently, France's Société française des traducteurs (SFT) and the UK's Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

Google Adds More Languages to Machine Translation and Video Conferencing

Google has announced significant language updates to Google Translate and Google Meet, enhancing their accessibility and usability for a broader global audience. These updates reflect Google’s efforts towards inclusivity.

Unlocking Content Localization With AI Automation and Metric Sharing

For global organizations, the ability to keep pace with content localization needs is emerging as a key competitive differentiator. Success will require AI-driven automation, as well as improved communication within organizations.

IBM and AI Singapore Collaborate to Fine-Tune Southeast Asian LLM

The model known as SEA-LION will enhance localized AI applications tailored to Southeast Asia's diverse linguistic landscape. This collaboration aims to drive innovation and inclusivity in the region's growing AI ecosystem.

Embracing Technology in Localization: Insights from memoQ’s Co-CEO

Peter Reynolds shares insights on the evolution of the translation industry, the integration of AI, and the future of localization.

AI Translations of Eurovision Song Lyrics Flawed, Analysis Finds

An analysis conducted by The Spanish Group compared the official translations of Eurovision song lyrics to translations done by ChatGPT and Google Translate. The findings reveal that AI created translations that changed the tone and overall meaning of the songs.

The Need for Audio Description in Indigenous Languages

In a world of digitized media and language tools, ancestral languages are often left behind.

4 Lessons Healthcare Teaches Us About Applying Large Language Models

What can other practitioners take from healthcare’s best practices and lessons learned in applied generative AI?

Professional Interpretation vs. AI Speech Translation: Different Solutions for Different Problems

The nature of translation at international events places a premium on instantaneous and precise interpretations. But can AI meet this demand consistently?