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Translated is reshaping how ads are localized with a unique service...

Translated is releasing a first-of-its-kind marketing localization suite that enables companies and agencies to localize their ads in more than 190 languages and adapt them for hundreds of channels, including search engines, social media, and e-commerce platforms. 

Translated’s New Shopify App Helps Merchants Expand to Global Markets

Translated is proud to announce the release of its official Shopify app that enables the platform's users to take advantage of the same powerful symbiosis between professional native speaking human translators and AI -powered machine translation services.

Audiovisual Localization Pioneer Fabio Minazzi Joins Translated

Translated, the international company that pioneered AI-powered professional translation, is excited to announce that audiovisual localization pioneer Fabio Minazzi has entered the company as Director of Audiovisual.

Translated releases Matesub for higher-quality subtitles in less time

Translated is excited to announce the release of Matesub, an innovative AI- and web-based subtitling tool developed to help subtitlers and companies craft higher quality subtitles in less time.

Looking at future trends in localization in the 2022 Imminent Research...

Translated, a Rome-based language service provider (LSP), has released the 2022 Imminent Research Report, providing information on future trends in the field of localization.

Translated Debuts New 2022 Imminent Research Report for Companies Moving into...

Translated, a company that is pioneering a powerful combination of human creativity and machine intelligence to craft quality translations, announced today that its new 2022 Imminent Research Report is now available for businesses looking to enhance or expand their international reach. 

Translated announces merger with ModernMT

Translated, a Rome, Italy-based language service provider (LSP), announced May 19 that it has finalized plans to merge with the machine translation (MT) provider ModernMT.

Localization companies nix carbon in wake of climate crisis

For Lokalise, the decision showcases a commitment to responsible business operations and a broader perspective on wellbeing. And what could be more central to overall wellbeing than the health of the environment?

Where to do Business Online — from now to 2025

The revamped T-Index platform offers a tool that reveals the languages and countries with the greatest potential across 200 different product categories. Is English losing...

Airbnb awards largest contract in language industry

Airbnb announced this morning a suite of new and expanded services, among them a new translation engine to improve guests’ and hosts’ user experience. The...

“Lara” wins bronze at the New York Film Advertising Awards

“Lara” is the first film in Translated's history: it could be defined as a fully-fledged short film rather than just a commercial. The Italian...

Translated Receives $25 Million Investment

The Italy and U.S.-based language service provider Translated announced on June 30 that it has recently received a $25 million investment from Ardian, one...