Translated Introduces Free Adaptive MT in Matecat to Increase Linguists’ Productivity

The update integrates ModernMT's adaptive neural machine translation (MT) model as the default MT engine, available for free to all logged-in Matecat users.

Human Touch

Patrizia Boglione shares the creative vision and philosophy behind Translated's award-winning short film, Human Touch.

ModernMT Outperforms Generic MTs and GenAI

An independent study, led by Achim Ruopp of Polyglot Technology, evaluated Translated’s adaptive MT solution against leading public MT systems using publicly available data sets and algorithms based on commonly used metrics. ModernMT performed best across the board. GPT-4 was also tested and couldn’t match it.

Translated’s Research Center to Award 100,000 Euros to Language Technology Innovators

Imminent offers grants for five original research projects exploring advanced language service frontiers. Submissions close on March 31.

Step Forward: Go MT-First With Confidence

Translated’s Human-in-the-Loop solution integrates machine translation with human reviews for unmatched reliability. Here, COO Alessandro Cattelan explains how it works.

Marco Trombetti

"I envision a world enriched by translation, where ideas and people move freely, fostering unity and freedom."

Human In The Loop

- Supported by Translated - Human In The Loop BY JOHN TINSLEY Translated recently released a dynamic, adaptive machine translation (MT) system that fuses advancements in AI...

Translated’s New MT Solution Delivers Real-Time Quality Improvements

Translated unveiled the first dynamic, adaptive MT system that enables enterprises to continually improve MT quality in real time through a unique symbiosis between humans and machines.

Translated Unveils MT Solution for Massive Content

Translated announced a new MT model called Hyper Adaptive, which enables companies to translate billions of words at ultra-fast speeds without compromising quality.