Introducing a New Technical Dictionary in 8 Languages

To support anyone struggling with technical terminology in a foreign language, a well-researched technical glossary has recently been made publicly available.

With Gemini Launch, Google Overtakes OpenAI in Multimodal AI Race

Google’s AI research lab, DeepMind, introduced a new group of models called Gemini that outperforms the best OpenAI models when evaluated on standard benchmark datasets — including those for automatic speech recognition and translation.

Meta Expands “Seamless” Translation Tech With New AI Models

Built on version 2 of SeamlessM4T, the new open-source models boast state-of-the-art speech recognition and translation capabilities in up to 100 languages.

AI Trends in OCR for the Localization Industry

Optical character recognition, or OCR, is an important step in preparing documents for localization. It requires thorough text processing before submitting a document to the translator and involves converting non-editable versions into editable ones compatible with CAT tools.

Handling Executive Pressure: A Practical Guide for Localization Professionals

A trend has emerged where executives contemplate bypassing traditional translation processes and cutting budgets, swayed by the potential of Generative AI (GenAI).

Samsung Gauss introduced as ChatGPT rival

Competing generative AI model Samsung Gauss suggests the conversation around large language models shows no sign of slowing.

OpenAI seeking partners for AI training models

OpenAI today announced its Data Partnerships program, which seeks to partner with businesses and organizations around the world

Debating the Ethics of AI Voice Translation in Politics

New York City Mayor Eric Adams made headlines when he used AI to make calls to constituents in Spanish, Yiddish, and Mandarin — despite not speaking any of those languages.

TIME Applauds Language-Related Innovations from Meta, Duolingo, and LEGO

TIME Magazine recognized three language-industry products in its “Best Inventions of 2023” list, underscoring the importance of multilingual communication, accessibility, and inclusion in today’s globalized world.