LEXIGO Appoints Julie El-Khoury as Community Engagement Officer to Strengthen Its Grassroots Connection with CALD Communities

In a strategic move to expand its focus on culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) community engagement, LEXIGO is pleased to announce the appointment of Julie El-Khoury to the role of Community Engagement Officer.

Julie’s Australian upbringing, combined with her rich cultural background, equips her to uniquely engage with CALD communities, reinforcing LEXIGO’s commitment to building bridges among diverse populations. With specialised expertise in community services, Julie’s role will be pivotal in ensuring that LEXIGO remains not only responsive but also deeply rooted in the communities it serves.

“In a landscape where businesses often misstep in understanding and representing CALD communities, Julie’s nuanced perspective offers a level of insight that is invaluable,” said LEXIGO CEO. “Her passion for community engagement and services, backed by her grassroots experience, will undoubtedly continue to steer our approach towards more authentic connections with the grassroots communities we work with.”

Prior to joining LEXIGO, Julie made significant contributions to various community initiatives, using her community services expertise to foster meaningful dialogues and shared understanding. Her hands-on experience in the field aligns well with LEXIGO’s ongoing mission to engage with communities holistically.

“LEXIGO’s proprietary technology and global network of translators have set a strong foundation for scaled communications,” Julie noted. “I’m excited to add a more personalised layer to this by working closely with community stakeholders and partners. Together, we can ensure that LEXIGO’s multicultural marketing campaigns resonate deeply and are culturally nuanced.”

LEXIGO’s CEO further added, “Julie’s vision for an authentically represented, culturally diverse community complements LEXIGOs long-term goals perfectly. We look forward to the depth and richness her appointment will bring to not just our company, but to the industry at large.”

Julie’s appointment signals LEXIGO’s sustained commitment to deepen its reach into CALD communities, serving as an industry model for comprehensive and meaningful community engagement.


LEXIGO is an award-winning translation and multicultural communications agency – enabling business, brands and government to communicate with confidence and boost time-to-market across 171 languages.

Driven by a global network of native translators, LEXIGO’s own cloud technology harnesses advanced AI to deliver authentic, peer-reviewed and culturally-informed translation.

Awarded as one of Australia’s most innovative companies in the Smart100 index and a Top 10 SME in the DELL Business Excellence Awards, LEXIGO is leading the way in accurately translating and managing multicultural content for hundreds of organisations every month.

Founded in 2011 by Mark Saba, LEXIGO is a privately held company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and operates globally.

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